What am I wearing?


Things that every girl brings in her cosmetic bag and what makes her maybe not perfect but happier, which leads to prettier 😊

My DKNY fuchsia leather bag contains some goodies as well. Chanel fragrances so feminine and not only for the evening. I just love a strong perfume.

Chanel Skin Perfecting Fluid Makeup (in color 40 beige) really easy and light for summer, and in winter I change it into richer and heavier creme, usually Guerlain.

Chanel mascara is the best so far and latest collection Le Blush Creme De Chanel (in color 69 intonation) makes your face so natural and bright. I am all about a natural look. Sometimes I go with Givenchy Prisme Libre (sweet caramel color) for matt finish but this Chanel has the natural glow.

Christian Dior fuchsia nail polish (in color 775 royale) for some Marilyn Monroe look always classy.

That’s the main list of things what makes my life easier but I am looking forward for so much more. πŸ˜‰


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