Merchandising Chanel.



Always prefer quality staff over anything else. And as long as I have tried Chanel makeup products and found them very easy to apply and long to last. Depp red lipstick one of my favorite right now, and in the end of the day I am not afraid that I can find it all over my face. It never happened. Never.


You might say it is stupid but I almost made my Chanel autumn/winter 2015 collection. These are the colors that I recommend for cold season, of course these are my type colors: dark hair, brown eyes, darker skin, cold type.


My style also contains more dark tones (I love black for my outfits), masculine looks (strict black suit items, oxford type ankle shoes) and strong feminine feeling in it (deep red lips, straight long hair, liquid lined almond shape eyes, volume lashes and also henna art on hands).


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