1 piece per month. KENZO twinkle flats. unboxing.

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1p/m. Metallic KENZO ballet flats from yoox.com.

As I was mentioning in my last blog post, I decided to turn my JUNK shopping into 1p/m (1 piece per month) quality shopping. And it turns out into something amazing! I have got these twinkle ballet flats which are absolutely gorgeous! (Inlove)

I still need to learn to buy ONE piece only… because, you know…. seriously, Sandra, get yourself together!!!!

When UPS boy came to my house with this parcel I almost cried. Seriously! 🙂 smile didn’t go out of my face when I was unpacking and unboxing this. You might say I am crazy, but I AM. Shoes are my THING.

Unfortunately, there is snow outside and it still winter on february in Lithuania and I can’t go outside to take some OOTD picture wearing these adorable shoes. But when spring comes I promise you will see this. Already got an outfit for them.

Remember how Carrie Bradshaw said: I am looking for 5$ dress to go with my 500$ shoes? Thats the situation here! (Of course, it wasn’t that expensive, GOD, no!)

So enjoy this unboxing post, because I believe it is going to be now once per month. See you  same tag (1p/m) next month!!



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