What’s new for spring?

So, I made some new season alterations in my make up closet, as well. New reds on the lips, some natural bronzy eye shadows and brightly coloured nails for spring.

Purchased YSL eyeshadows palette of natural bronzy browns which I believe could fit any type of skin and eye colours. These are perfect for everyday look, because it is not very strong pigment or shine type, it looks very sheer when applied. Sometimes for the eyeshadow base I use Bobbi Brown Blush Slopes 17 same as for cheeks when contouring. It has a little bit of shimmer as well. But thats spring, though. 🙂

What about Maxfactor nail polishes?! Carrot orange and purple with orange shimmers… wow! Really, spring feeling already here.


Well well well and there it comes my latest lip product’s swatches. It is 4 reds, which you most probably say are the same reds, but it is not. Loreal JLo’s red is very pigmented and it stays so freaking good, that if I want my lip colour last forever I will put this, most probably.

My most beloved recently is Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet N 40 which is deep cold red with some purple shade (bought that in early autumn for cold season). I love it so much, need refilling here… But as I was applying those swatches all together, I noticed that Chanel lipsticks are creamier and more moisturising. It is way most distance feeling from Loreal one.

And I am so curious right now about YSL, because I never wear that on the lips for day. I will need to try it, YSL has so many beautiful colours I would enjoy! As well I got two colours of Essie nail polish from my beautiful friend Eve, that I am so excited to try. I heard it is awesome.


Uu la la! I love those shades, so classic and looks good on every lady. Red lipstick gives this glow and feeling that you were preparing so long to go outside but the truth, you just know some secret tip to chose the right colour. 😉



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