stressed but well dressed.

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The statement piece describing the mood. These funky sunglasses from Lindex store add some extra self confidence to my apperience.

I have got these in early winter even, but it wasn’t any occassion or sunny enough. Altough, I used to wear sunglasses every day, especially when started to drive a car. But now I rather go shuting my eyes over wearing sunglasses. Whats wrong with me?! Seriously, there are so many nice sunglasses! Just need some time to get used to it again.


My favorite piece of this outfit, of course, Nike skate shoes. This type of shoes I prefer for everyday leasure, traveling or just walking around. Never had a feeling for sport shoes, I am more classy person or even more military ankle lace up shoe shopper. But these Nikes just got to the point, mostly because it is leather. And very nice colour. Just love it!

OOTD: black coat H&M, icy pink shirt PRIMARK, stars necklace MANGO, skate shoes NIKE, statement sunglasses and pants LINDEX, tote bag ZARA.



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