Porcelain buildings of Porto.

One of my favorite accessory of the Porto is this porcelain decoration of the buildings. When you walk the streets it seems like everyone had decorated their house with just a little bit of this beauty. There could be only around the doors or around the windowns but it reflects some kind of story, historical period.

There are also same architectural style as in Prague. I have seen it on September last year, so the feeling firstly was- am I in Prague again?


So far I can say that Vilnius is more beuatiful city. Its maybe me, but I have been already 3 times in spanish countries, and I never fell in love with any of them. Somehow temperament of these countries, people and language doesn’t go along with my expectations. Just being honest here 🙂 I would prefer italian temperament, it seems more passionate, historical and arty place.

The other thing about Porto – there are so small amount of shops! I am always comparing my shopping experience in any of the countries.. it just what I do! Don’t judge me. But there wasn’t a lot of shops, just some of them really bad looking, or very expensive shops. And so far I found some really great boutiques over here like Max&Co, Diesel, even Ciara Ferragni shoe store and Marc Jacobs boutique. OMG! Marc Jacobs happened to be downstairs of my hotel. Why?!

I was so excited when I came in. There was all the pieces I ever wanted at one place. Both of sales person was also excited- they liked my sneakers, they liked my jacket, they adored my Marc Jacobs watch… I was in heaven. 🙂

So this is first impression of Porto city. Tomorrow I am going to Faro. Lets see if it is really that nice place on earth.

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