Ted Baker. London.


I’m back here with one piece per month tag (1p/m) of March. And it turns out to be the piece I was dreaming about from the begining of spring-summer 2015. I had this piece in my wishlist next to Phillip Lim satchel bag just totally different style, but when can I afford this Phillip Lim?! Seriously. I live now. πŸ™‚

There is some kind of story here. I wasn’t planning on buying anything expensive this month, or whole spring, because the vacation itself is expensive and also I have some responsibility of building house (maybe will see it in two years, LOL).

One lazy afternoon in Porto, Portugal, while waiting for airplane to Faro, I made my way to the only and the biggest shoping centre in the area. And I wasn’t pitty any moment now. It was huge building containing all the brands that you could ever dreamed of.

Well…I did some damage there. Guilty as charged πŸ˜ƒ

20150312_162813_1 20150312_162822_1


This shopping centre gives a little bit discount for travelers which decreased my guilt and made me even more happy at the cash registry.

And let me just tell one thing which really makes me laugh everytime when I enter these big brand stores, everyone looks like: “what are you doing here? You are not going to buy anything..” And if you take something or touch something, sales persons just appears from nowhere with sarcastic: “may I help you?”

The big difference when you go through the same departments with a lots of bags on your hands. Suddenly, everyone has such a big trust in you as a shopper, they see big overloaded wallet passing by. Thats just so annoying 😀

Thats why I enjoy more buying stuff online.


So this is my one and only feminine crossbody flower bag. It looks so pretty in the campaign picture, same in reality. Just love it! Thats a fresh breeze of spring. It comes in two flowery colours and many bold colours as well. You can have at Ted Baker online shop:


XS5W_DOMINA_00-BLACK_2a.jpgPicture from Ted Baker campaign.


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