Lagos beach.


In the south of Portugal there is this magical place on earth, that most probably everyone could see just entering Portugal to Google. It is called Lagos. Lagos beach is located very close to Morrocco, but it is still keeping portugal spirit. How to get to Lagos? The easiest way is to fly to Faro, from Faro airport take a taxi or bus to Faro centre where train station is located. There are only 2 hours by train and you are already in this place. There is also option for bus traveling, which is a bit cheaper, bus takes a bit longer.


Here you could also have some boat exploring as well, there are a lot of people offering it. Next to the train station there is this marina bay, where all the boats are located. Wheather there is fantastic, sun tanning, swimming or any water sports are available anytime.

Such an amazing place on earth and a lot of americans are coming here for month or so. This was in my bucket list and there is no better time as right now.




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