Accessories to die!


Accessories are the most favorite thing when dressing up or dressing someone else. Accessories makes every look more glamorous, chick and more expensive. Not only for ladies, men even more – great accessories shows a great style. Jewelery is only small part of accessorising, but thats most exciting part of all.

20150322_171614_2 20150322_170253_2

I could have whole wardrobe for accessories only, it would be only handbags, wallets, shoes, jewelery and some cute small items as well. Clothes goes out of fashion much more quicker and I do not really see the point to spend really big money on them. But shoes or handbags…thats another story! 😊

So this is the newest item I have got. This Massimo Dutti nice chrystal bracelet is something for me. Really catched my eye, that me and my friend had to got both the same. Thats kind a BFF thing- both wearing the same- funny and cute at the same time.


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