Dior in the house. Dior.So.Real.

20150322_165731_1 20150322_165916_2 2015-03-27-17-16-13-320_2

Ok. Should I say more?! Really?

I was dying, seriously DYING, over these Diors quite a long time. Never thinking to get them, since saw this model exactly DiorSoReal with purple half-tint-glasses. Perfect to spice up any outfit and get along with my plum Chanel Rouge lipstick (N. 149).

I have this thing for any accessories or extras: shoes, handbags, sunglasses, eyewear, watches, jewellery and etc. Everything what makes simple outfit popping out. Don’t need to have full closet of clothes, just have some great extras to add and you good to go. You can getΒ DiorsΒ here.

20150322_165551_1_1 2015-03-27-17-14-10-497_1

And when I saw my two most favourite fashion icons of all times having same idea, how can I refuse it… πŸ™‚ I am so looking forward for sunny season, can’t help it.

Just because my big vacation plans failed I kinda saved money… and spent it on shopping. Don’t know was it better….? πŸ™‚

9572705 olivia-palermo


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