Month: May 2015

Wardrobe and room tour.




Here it comes so longed and highly requested blog post about my wardrobe. Like everyone wanted to see it, sneak a little bit of something or heard about it.. And here it is. I show it to the world, right now, I hope you will find it inspiring at some point.

So this part of room has an idea of my favourite pieces collected on the rack and shelves. There are some sunglasses boxes, Starbucks cups and other lovely things. As well my all time favourite shoes from Maison Martin Margiela, Zara, Mango collections. There are also my favourite jackets, sweatshirts and coats. I don’t have that many items in this area, I try to keep it clean and simple, and just because I die ( seriously DIE!!!) for black&white combination, this corner is all about monochromes.



In other side of the room here is walk-in-closet. This makes a feeling that my house is all about clothes, but… yes it is! 🙂 I have lot of hanging right here, and for maxi dresses there is also one more area. In this room there is also area for all the other shoes and bags, also two shelves of VOGUE magazines collection… but this I leave for your own imagination 😉

This view could make you feel that it is a hot mess, but it all makes sense, for me it is the best merchandising. I have most wearable items in the best visual and reachable parts.







Should I say anything about flowers in my room? Yeah these are my favourites, and my favourites are white flowers. It doesn’t matter what flowers that are, but it should be very green leaves and white blossoms. Thats all I need in life! 😀

And what about books? If I just tell you, I didn’t even imagine that I had so many books, seriously, I thought of buying more soon, but I just realised that this self is overloaded, even at the back of the shelve, over these book, there are even more that you can’t see in pictures. And the best part is that these are almost all read. So this was never a bad idea buying book, anyway, I think.