Vintage pieces- love it or hate it.

2015-05-19-22-07-20-594 2015-05-19-22-04-27-187

Let me just tell you one thing: I can’t handle long winters, cold weather and no spring, can’t live like this anymore! Seriously, it is driving me crazy. What about dressing up in three different outerwear items at the same day, because weather change is even more unpredictable than in London.

My life saver right now and in upcoming summer is kinda 80’s raincoat from Lindex spring collection. I just remember my mother had something so familiar. And maybe thats why I was doubting it for long time, it was always difficult for me to put vintage stuff on myself. I have this thing for it- love it or hate it.

And here it comes, obsessing with monochrome styling, like I always do. Yeah you know me, I am obsessed with black and white classic πŸ™‚ No judgement!

2015-05-19-22-33-10-6532015-05-19-22-03-39-293 2015-05-19-22-02-44-368

How can you not love these Zara strappy sandals?! Seriously, people! πŸ™‚

They are so close to Chloe Gladiator Sandals, or even more fashionable, isn’t it?


I am wearing today: Lindex raincoat/outerwear; Primark black shirt; Lindex black pants; Zara strappy gladiator sandals; Zara long vest underneath; Dior sunglasses Dior So Real; Marc Jacobs wrist watch; my own henna tattoo.


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