Early summer favourites.


Lately, I have got to try Maybelline FIT foundation and I really liked it! I got the colour 130, it feels so nice while wearing, covers really good. It is definitely my favourite. Working together with MAC concealer (N25), could cover all imperfections perfectly.

In my recent post I was talking about this handmade ceramic tooth necklace which I actually fell in love with very quickly. I believe I will be wearing it very often and maybe will get more accessories from SCULP soon 😉

Should I even mention how much I love my very own perfume?! It is made by selecting all natural fragrancies which I like and mixing it into one perfect smell. Smell of luxury, antique and charisma, if I you ask me.

20150613_160612-01 20150613_161332-01

Okey, when I saw this black lipstick my heart just stopped! Seriously, I thought it won’t have pigmentation and not going to cover lips, kinda fake black. But it was shocking great, I have got it for 8 Euros, I guess, so it is not even that expensive. And it’s worth it, if you want some interesting and attractive way to stand out. Brand name Flormar, colour 16 Meet So Black. For summer cheeks glow I usually use Chanel blush 69 Intonation, it was my favourite for quite some time.

I like wearing something natural on my eye lids but with some sparkle, so this MAC eyeshadow lay down beautifully, have great pigmentation and coverage, I love it so much right now, together with brown or blue eyes, it is just… OMG!


20150613_160641-0120150613_163514-02I wish you could smell these cuties!! You would understand my addiction to Sephora body washes.

So this completes my early summer favourites. I hope for more favourites in the end of the summer, so SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t yet, so you don’t miss a post.




    1. I was also afraid to wear it, or how it will look after a while, but I just learned to pull my mirror more often. Thats easy, as well it gives such sophistication to whole look 🙂

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