Month: September 2015

Urban Red.


In my last post I was inspired by autumn colours in the nature but this time It is all about the other side of it. Urban red.



Maybe I am crazy but red is not for everyone and it is not the look you can pull out easily. Just because you are in a public eye most of the time.

Going down the street I attract so many attention so the look that I am wearing should represent great taste, perfect colour combination and flawless finish by choosing detailed items and even great makeup.

Just because I love neutral colours in my wardrobe it isn’t that hard , I have plenty of options. I can easily look very chick by wearing my key item- black tailored jacket and add high heels for night out in the city. You never now how it is going to end up when you look Urban Chick.



Don’t Panic. Motto for fall?


So lately I wasn’t feeling like shopping so much and I got to say I really didn’t buy a thing for the whole summer. I prefer more spending time somewhere nice, have a great time or maybe travel in summer. But when it comes to fall season… OMG I want to buy EVERYTHING new! Thats how inspired I am by this new season. At lastly I can layer clothes again and not be sweating’ like hell. Layers, layers, layers..yes!

But it is not about layers now, I got distracted for one moment 🙂

I came back with “1 piece per month” tag right here and I want to share this amazing street styled Marc Jacobs wallet in checks. It says: “Don’t Panic” on the top, thats what I want to hear all day long, so it is kind a reminder 🙂 I think this piece is so amazing, it is made from cow leather, inside there are many pockets for any type of cards, I wanted this for quite some time and I am so glad to finally get it. It came directly and personally from United States and that thrills me even more 🙂

Also I have mentioned it in my Autumn Essential Must Haves post right here. And you can also check more detailed description for the wallet right here.