Don’t Panic. Motto for fall?


So lately I wasn’t feeling like shopping so much and I got to say I really didn’t buy a thing for the whole summer. I prefer more spending time somewhere nice, have a great time or maybe travel in summer. But when it comes to fall season… OMG I want to buy EVERYTHING new! Thats how inspired I am by this new season. At lastly I can layer clothes again and not be sweating’ like hell. Layers, layers, layers..yes!

But it is not about layers now, I got distracted for one moment 🙂

I came back with “1 piece per month” tag right here and I want to share this amazing street styled Marc Jacobs wallet in checks. It says: “Don’t Panic” on the top, thats what I want to hear all day long, so it is kind a reminder 🙂 I think this piece is so amazing, it is made from cow leather, inside there are many pockets for any type of cards, I wanted this for quite some time and I am so glad to finally get it. It came directly and personally from United States and that thrills me even more 🙂

Also I have mentioned it in my Autumn Essential Must Haves post right here. And you can also check more detailed description for the wallet right here.



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