What to wear on New Years Eve?


Red color is the must for 2016 New Years party, it doesn’t matter if it is a small, family, casual cocktail or fancy evening for you. Something playful, extravagant or classical, but it must be red. 2016 is the Red Fire Monkey year and monkey is a smart, naughty, wily and vigilant animal, likes bright colors, especially red as fire.

ASOS  Fringe Drapey  dress could be really great choice. Paired with ASOS pointy embellished sequin heels and Lindex Veil Head piece would bring you back to 20s.


Here it comes the statement piece Mango Pleated Midi Skirt in metallic red. This is wonderful piece for New Years party in town, combined with Topshop Veil Hat and Aztec Embellished ASOS clutch bag.


If you feel a bit more romantic as a goddess of Rome choose evening dress with romantic soft layers as ASOS Extreme Cape dress. Combine with H&M golden leaf hair accessory, red fur clutch bag and sparkle with Asos golden pointy heels.

Furs, feathers and embellishments, sequins are the best winter party accessories. You can at lastly wear your extreme headpieces that were waiting for their greatest appearance.

Other great choice to always look good is white and black combination, classical, fresh, smart and very sexy. Add some interesting clutch bag tooth’s outfit and you are good to go. Great choice for friends and family party, or home dinner.


Want all eyes on you? With ASOS Lulu Guinness lips clutch bag will get all attention. Isn’t this cute? Red detail for the outfit could be ALDO suede lace up boots and enjoy!


Happy New Years to everyone!




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