Haute Couture makeup look. Highlighter and bold lips.

I had no plan to create and share makeup look like this, because I had never tried them in my blog before and it is so simple, all I used was three products. This could be go to look, “no-makeup makeup look” with bold lips or even haute couture makeup look. Because it look likes one:)

Basically, what I have used is Maybelline Fit Me concealer for covering dark circles and spots, my new Pupa highlighter, which I loved in December favourites, for cheeks, lids and over my brows and lips, and Marc Jacobs bold lip color in 210 Blow.


It reminds me those VOGUE photoshoots when model is drowned into highlighter, lying on the ground with haute couture designer dress in some very provocative and uncomfortable pose… I was admiring these kind of looks but never thought it could be wearable.

Well on daily basis I don’t use a lot of makeup or dramatic looks and colors, but I am so excited to experiment and see how it ends up. I have an idea to make more experimental looks this year on my blog, so keep in touch!


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