September’s favourites 2016.

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And here it comes October… 🙂 September passed so quickly, especially when I had my vacation trip in it. And I got prepared a little bit of favourites. So lets start with my perfumes. I wanted to get this Chanel No.5 perfume in a handbag friendly version, because I do not bring bottle of 50ml with me everyday. It comes with holder and 3 pieces of 20ml fragrance. So this was my wish for quite long time and I really love it this way, it is easy, small, good looking and smells so sophistication! 🙂

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Second favourite perfume Dior Addict, I fell in love with these last year and from that time every time I pass perfume store I had to have a spray! So finally I got it and now I use both of them everyday.. emm…

Lets give some moment for my all time favourite foundation from Guerlain. I knew I loved it and that it was so creamy and rich, but when I used it again… OMG! After all these years without it, still  that is my favourite foundation. No wonder why it says “Moisture Infusion” 😀 I always used N. 3 (I guess it is called Natural Beige), only this time I got one shade darker N. 4 for my tanned skin.

I mix this together with BeYu Nutripower foundation because both of them has very familiar rich and creamy texture. BeYu is even thicker I think, so it is going to be amazing on cold season!

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What it comes to tanning process, it is great on vacation to tan much but after two weeks you feel so pale in comparison. So I got two self tan products: ST.Tropez gradual tan in shower with amazing smell but not much of the color on me; and Bondi Sands self tanning lotion with coconut scent and much darker. And so far, considering all pros and cons, and difference in product categories, Bondi Sands is my favourite. I love that it is black, so you can see where you need more blending or left with spars areas. Secondly, I believe everyone loves coconut smell.. Ant third, even on my tanned skin I can see the difference.

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As for my skincare, I was using Skincode S.O.S Oil Control clarifying wash on a daily basis. What?! Me?! 🙂 When I first saw that it is oil control, I thought it is going to make my skin dry, because no mater how they scream combination skin those washers makes me dry so fast. But this one feels like I used cream after a face wash. I am not big on washing face, I would rather use makeup remover, micellar water, deep cleanse oil and lotion on top to take everything away.. But I really like the product, so I have to wash it!

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And speaking of micellar water, I have a favourite as well- L’erbolario Delicalma micellar water for sensitive and hyper-reactive skin. What I love about this micellar water that you can actually feel the difference. For example I could not tell the difference between  micellar water and any face lotion in practical. I don’t know is it only this Delicalma micellar water, but feels like it lathers on your skin, only that it doesn’t.  Basically, I imagine turkish hamam on my face when I apply it. 😀

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Only because I was traveling this month, I kinda discovered my favourite place. For all these years it was Dubai, because I have been there once for very short time and I started to dream about it after. So now, same thing happened with Abu Dhabi. I spent one day there and now it is the only thing I remember with such an excitement.

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Funny enough, me with my friend were kidding one day that in our last life (before reincarnation) we most probably were arabian ladies, maybe even same sheikh’s wives:)) And all of this time I thought I was a bootylicious Black Chick 😀

Thats why I loved Beyonce’s Sorry for the whole month!



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