Educating new skill. Fashion Illustration.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I always wanted to study fashion design but obstacles never been on my sideΒ πŸ™‚ Fashion design is not only knowing the guides how to create clothes. Fashion designer is able to create art. But of course this is years and years of studies in art, art history, fashion history, technologies, crafts and so much more.

I was always a creative person, thats why blog is such a pleasure for me- creating campaigns, photoshoots, makeup looks, styling however I want 😍 In my blog I can wear whatever pops out, create some looks that I would never wear on daily basis, try on all makeup products that I would never even look at, so it allows my creativity to improve and expand the way I can’t anywhere else.

I am big on improving, seeking knowledge in different things and very curious. But of course everything requires so much time, it is not easy when you work full time ☺️ But after getting drawing education this year I figured would be great to get my ideas layed on the paper and learn how to draw Fashion Illustration. That is such a creative and expressive art, that also will allow me to express my ideas that I am full of. Hold on! I am coming with sheets of themπŸ˜‚



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