How to pick the right watch?

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How to pick the right watch? What style and color should it be? And, finally, what about the price?

Watches could be three things: style, personality and status. That is fashion accessory for one group of people and status sign for the others. But we won’t be talking about investment watches, those cost thousands of euros. Let’s be realistic for the moment, I enjoy being able to let myself more extravagant and more expensive items, it was never about the money- it is about being able to. At this time, gladly, I enjoy spending sever hundreds on the piece šŸ™‚

When I was looking for the right one, of course, I was entering all the stores even in Dubai, Moscow and back in Vilnius, checking out every brand that I liked. After long and carefull consideration I went for classic and chick DKNY brand wrist watch with mixed silver and rose gold details. It is so simple that I don’t need to think about combining it to my outfits and so classy that could compliment any look for day or night.

As I already had my gold metal Marc Jacobs watch for several years I needed the change, and silver came to fashion again, especially mixed with other metals.

But while I was looking for the RIGHT ONE, my eyes stopped and prayed for Michael Kors plum wathes collection in deep purple color. This color of the watch is such a ‘thing’ right now! Wearing plum watch with classic black & white outfit could seduce and tease everyone to notice your excelent taste in small details. Talking about combination with the lipstick šŸ˜

I was trying quite many of different styles, some were quite big and heavy look, others slim with leather straps. Can I pick the one? Well, I would definitely go for something more crazy in my colection right now, something more massive but still quite elegant. So Sophistication, don’t forget.



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