Fall makeup and Mac novelties.

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At lastly I can share this one of my favourite makeup looks, that I recently tried out and fell in love! I got so many great MAC Cosmetics products, I couldn’t resist to share them with you. But first thing first, lets talk about great base for face. Season is changing and skin as well, so it is important to take a look at your foundations, primers and skincare products, first. Colours should match, maybe it is time to leave those bronzy tanned skin foundations for the vacation times and lets get back to autumn colours.

I got new MAC foundation “Next to nothing face colour” in shade Medium. It is very light, very sheer, even too sheer for me, that I want to conceal underneath, water base foundation, which is perfect for summer but a bit too sheer for fall. In early fall, days at work and especially If I don’t have breakouts and skin problems- I love it. But for the events, date nights, photoshoots and other fun stuff I would love a bit more coverage. Anyways, it is perfect if you love sheer foundations- that is a great choice!

img_4486.jpgProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Bright orangy slash brick wall shade eyeshadow was in my wish list for quite some time, now. I remember last year I was thinking about it and this year I just found it and got it. Overcome my fear to try this out and it turned out to something I really like! So never fear to try something new, especially in makeup- you just wipe it off and pretend it never happened. 🙂 So this shadow I got in H&M, it has some little sparkles in it, but fades away when applied, and I really love that these are so buildable and very pigmented shadows in shade “Orange Ochre”.

Accompanied with MAC Matte brown colour single shadow in shade “Swiss chocolate” just in the corner next to my lashesbecause I really wanted to give this orange colour all attention it deserved. And as for my lashes I used this new generation MAC Instacurl Lash mascara, very interesting curling wand makes this process so much more important. What this does, turning the wand you get more curled applicator, which suppose to reach for your lashes in much more precise way. I really enjoy this mascara, it never leaves clumpy or bumpy parts, silicone applicator is the best!

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset


Next product that I rarely talk about but it deserves all the applause, because still it is my favourite highlighter, no matter If I get the new one I always come back to this one. It is Pupa Milano highlighter from their Christmas collection, which I adore. It just has golden sheen, very pigmented and very beautiful. Look natural but also can create very highlighted looks, great for photoshoots, great for body highlighting and much more!

In comparison, this MAC highlighter in picture is much less visual it has more separate sparkles, if you got what I mean, but still very nice for daily makeup, if you don’t want to look super shiny slash sweaty.. 🙂

For my concealer I still love Artistry one and I threw away all the others that I had, because this one just has it all. It is great for spots and dark circles, never creases on me, do not look caky or unnatural.. And Dior concealer in dark shade for contouring. I think this idea hit on me like a year ago, when I saw NARS had so many different shades of concealers, and very dark ones looked like a great option for contouring. So this is Diorskin Star concealer in shade “Honey”.

If the eye are brighter then the lips go darker, that is my rule, because otherwise I look like sick and without contrast on my face 🙂 I am lucky I have my beloved Marc Jacobs “Blow” shade lipstick. Only now I love more matt options, but the colour of this makes fall even more autumn! 🙂

So that is all products I was using for this look, hope you enjoyed it and got inspired for more autumn appropriate makeup. See you in the next makeup look posts 😉


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