Shimmering body set. Artistry.

Processed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With Darkroom

Artistry came out with very cute and blogger theme appropriate skincare set 😂 Anyways it looks very cute and every Instagramer would love it, no doubts! But it is not all about the outside, inside is even more magical.

Just in time for Christmas and holidays, Artistry thinks about great way to improve skincare to more fancy way- sparkling and  shimmering shower gel and body lotion. These products has small shimmering details inside so it gives nice silver glow when applying 😍 And I thought what was I rubbing myself into that I shine so much?! 😂 Well, there is no secret now.

Smell, on the other hand didn’t surprise me, I already am familiar with Artistry light, not fragranced too much scent. I can’t say it is very floral, so anyone could love it. Anyways I love this set as a gift idea for stylish girl, girlfriend or collegue 😉

Processed With Darkroom

Artistry Flora Chic products are available at or your local consultant. Shower and bath gel and body lotion ❤️


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