Month: December 2017

December wardrobe. Christmas gift idea- Cluse gift box.

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Just in time for holidays I areanged my most used wardrobe items and here it comes my favourite colour palette. Burgundy red, soft pink and white- wasn’t expected right? 😂

I just got my new brown fur coat from Mango, same as a red ones I had, because I just love them so much. This colour I fancy even more, it blends perfectly with my wardrobe and all red shades as well.

Pearls are one of my favourite decorations of the season, or even the whole year. I love wearing pearl embroided items, and pearl bracelets. It adds feminine touch amd more sophisticated look.

Knits, knits, knits. December is all about the vosy knits, and here it comes some sweaters. I usually do not wear knits that much but I could not resist them this time. Burgundy red knit with pearls (more colours) and cosy white knit from

Newest and most important accessory of all wardrobe is Cluse watch by Negin, fashion blogger in collaboration. I love this watch in velvet wrist band so much, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And the box itself is just a perfect gift for your lady, friend or sister.

And what about the prints? Usually December prints are very predictable like snowflakes, Christmas trees or glitters, but for me, I already went for more spring like prints with flowers. Both tunic and a kimono dress are from Lindex, in a very complimentary burgundy brown colour.

Have you found all of your Christmas gifts? Have a merry Christmas and the happiest time of the year!

Look of the day. Christmas party at Kukla beauty box.

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My dear readers and friends who were supporting and saying many compliments on this look- THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

I just realised how many of you were inspired and shared my outfit details and this is just amazing! But these Gucci sunglasses was like a pink elephant in the room, no even one person couldn’t resist trying them on 😍 Love from the first site.

For the occassion I have chosen one of the newest collection dress from Lindex, well it is not only a dress, but the kimono or the jacket, as well.

It goes perfect with my leather burgundy red overknees from Zara and of course my new love- MANGO brown fur coat. Yes this coat is the same as red one, which I love so much, I got theother one 😍

As for accessories I have picked my new Cluse by Negin watch with velvet band and beloved Coccinelle bag.


Light beiges. Daniel Wellington.

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So and here it comes, my one and most favourite combo in pastels: beiges and baby pinks. Mix of these colours looks absolutely incredible, cosy and feminine- this is my type of winter warmers 😂

I am not very big on wearing knitwear lately, I feel too hot at work, but I could not resist this long knit in peachy pink colour, which compliments my skin type so much! Knit from

As for accessorising I picked my favourite Daniel Wellington Classic Petite 28mm silver watch. This watch I wear the most, even know, I have at least four other loved ones 😂 As I was comparing this to Cluse watches, I can already tell that Daniel Wellington watch feels much more luxurious and great quality!

In accompany with Maxmara cat-eye sunglasses and Coccinelle handbag this look turned out quite sophisticated 😉 Do you agree?

Vonios malonumai.

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Ar dažnai mėgaujatės vonios malonumais? Ar leidžiate sau atsipalaidavimo ir geros nuotaikos valandėlę su knyga arba taure vyno, gulint Kleopatros putų vonioj? Tiesą sakant, tokius ritualus darydavau bent kartą savaitėje, tačiau vonios neturėjimas atėmė iš manęs geriausią atsipalaidavimą. Ir tik tuomet supratau, kiek stipriai to ilgiuosi, ir kokią naudą organizmui jaučiau.

Vienas iš maloniausių vakarų, kai gali neskubėdama atsigulti ir nesvarumo būsenoje gulėti po čiurlenančiu vandeniu, o juolab, kai vonios produktai atlieka aromaterapinį ir atpalaiduojantį vaidmenį. Užsidegu kelias žvakes ir mėgaujuosi, ypač mėgstu šį malonumą sekmadienį vakare, nuimti įtampą prieš darbo savaitę, bei gerai išssimiegoti.

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Šį kartą iÅ¡bandžiau visą Biovaistinė.lt vonios malonumų rinkinį “Å iltiems vakarams” ir likau labai maloniai nustebinta, bei atsipalaidavusi. Kosmetikos kvapai ir natÅ«ralÅ«s aliejai puikiai veikia ir psichologinę bÅ«seną, ir kÅ«no pojūčius. O super drėkinanti veido kaukė Honey&Jasmin paliko mano veido odą tokią Å¡velnią bei sudrėkintą… Tiesiog vienas malonumas!

Kūnui naudoju šveitiklį iš to paties rinkinio, kuris ne tik turi stambių šveičiamųjų dalelių bet taip pat aliejinį pagrindą, stipriai drėkinantį, bei labai maloniai kvepianti priemonė. O voniai paruošti, žinoma, naudoju Kleopatros vonios pienelį iš rinkinio bei Pupa Milano  Milk vonios putas. Šie aromatai, persipynę tarpusavyje nukelia į rojaus oazę. Tikrai išbandykite atgaivinti vonios malonumus bent kartą per savaitę ir pamatysite kaip tai keičia jūsų gyvenimą!

Šį kartą turiu be galo daug puikių priemonių vakarams vonioje, belieka įsikurti namuose su vonia 😉 Taigi, pirmyn į paieškas! 😀

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Injekcija 2017. Look of the day.

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Last Thursday I attended one of the most important fashion design event in Vilnius. This time it took place at a very special Railway station depo building. Completely out of the box, very interesting and extravagant idea for such an event, so young designer’s collections were greeted here.

I had some of my favourites picked up, but I will tell more about it very soon in the next post, because today is all about this look 🙂 I am wearing my extravagant Lindex Extended collection dress together with see through polka dot Zara top and burgundy red Zara leather over knees. For the accessories I have picked my beloved Coccinelle bag and Daniel Wellington Petite silver watch. To keep everything a bit more romantic, I love to wear those beige or pinky tones as my H&M beige coat, and light pink Michael Kors Iphone case.

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Golden hair trend. New years makeup.

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I think in every beauty account this gold hair trend is happening right now and I felt so eager to try it on me. I was always all about arty and different unexpected appierences and makeups, so this one wasn’t a big challenge. This makeup look idea is great for New Years, especially if you have some really fancy and fashionable party to attend!

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Makeup look itself has a mesmerising and very attractive vibes so try to not overdress yourself. I would choose black dress- sexy and openback, or some brallette with tailored black suit option. I would definitely pick this option!

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So how did I got my golden hair? Basically what you need is golden glitters, or golden powder, it could be highlight as well and drop of gold metallic shadows, powder, pigment or anything like that. This would give more dimension and shiny finish. Mix these two with hair styling cream or gel an apply it with a brush or fingers. It is up to you. I was using NYX golden glitters and Pupa last year collection golden body dust powder.

For my eyes I usually go for my beloved YSL browns palette and MAC single eye shadow in brown, and also I love to accentuate lower part of lashes with dark shadows for more smokey eye finish. I have used falsies, I believe New Years is an event, definitely appropriate for false lashes, and MAC Matte liquid lipstick in red. Gold and red always goes together, and as for golden dog year of 2018 it is a perfect combination!

Christmas Gift ideas. Volume 3.

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I believe you are already looking for some gifts or one the most special gift this year and that is why I wanted to mention this perfect choice for Christmas. Giving gifts makes people happy and appreciated, giving what one loves is even more special and magical. So I was always quite picky what it comes to choosing right thing for the right person. I always think about the personality and what would they love to get, or even what they need. What would give joy and happiness, what would be unexpected or creative?

Anyways, for the most loved ones, it is never too expensive or too hard to choose. If I struggle on ideas, most definitely I pick something I would love to get myself, and today we will talk about the one I would love to get, for sure!

Daniel Wellington wrist watches are one of the most favourite time pieces in the world, ask anyone.. And there are always some great Christmas wrapped and prepared gift sets- bundles.  One of the most special thing about these bundles that there are the most famous and best selling watches wrapped together with stylish bracelet in the beautiful and very sophisticated box. Of course, it is not the cheapest gift, but it is a very great gift for someone very special. And to make this even more special I have a gift code for you, that you can use buying anything in the whole range of Daniel Wellington page. Use 15% off discount with code sandrabalciute at the check out.

Have a great time with the ones you love!

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I am wearing Daniel Wellington Classic Petite 28mm with silver strap and eggshell white dial colour. It is available in DW website as well as silver band bracelet.

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Gift ideas. Volume 2.

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EN: Do you like relaxing baths? Well for me, bath is one of the most important room in the house, I need bath and be able to lay down in the water, lock myself for an hour and just relax. But there should be several must things included in this ceremony:

aromatherapic beauty products, that I would love the smell;

candles, say no more;

relaxing music;

and free time.

When I search for gift ideas one of the most important and most usual are products for bath. I believe as if I like taking relaxing baths, everyone should too 😀 So I want to share this idea with you.

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I got the most beautiful and highly requested gift for Christmas- bath set. Set includes moisturising face mask with Honey and Jasmin, Cleopatra’s bath milk and body scrub. Three luxurious and natural products, from The Organic Pharmacy selection. This set smells so amazing! All of the three products are highly moisturising and I believe anyone could fall for the set like this. Pampering once in a week with luxurious products makes you feel like a queen or Cleopatra herself!

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Cleopatra’s body scrub smells divine, had oily basis and smooth sugar peeling effect. I fell for this immediately when I first opened the box. Whole gift set smells like this scrub, very rich, french style natural scent. Just love it!

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And look at the packaging! just managed to release optional gift sets for any tastes and budgets, so any of the sets would look amazing, because all of them are packed  into limited edition white boxes with blue ribbons. I could not imagine better looking gift wrap, never! 🙂

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LT: Ar mėgstate atpalaiduojantį gulėjimą vonioje besilepinant kvapniais kūno priežiūros produktais? Manau sutiksite su manimi, kad tokia kas savaitinė procedūra atpalaiduoja ir nuteikia žvaliai visai savaitei. Na man vonia ir tobulas vonios kambarys yra svarbiausia zona namuose, galėčiau vonioje gulėti nors ir kasdien, ir kai tik galėjau- visuomet šia galimybe pasinaudodavau. Tiesiog dievinu atpalaiduojantį vandens poveikį ir plūduriavimą, ypač kai aplink dega žvakės bei kvepia Prancūzišku provansu 🙂

Svarbiausi dalykai reikalingi puikiam atpalaiduojančiam poilsiui yra šie:

aromaterapinis kūno priežiūros rinkinys;


mėgiama muzika;

ir žinoma, nevaržomas laikas.

Kadangi pati negaliu gyventi be vonios malonumų bei atsipalaidavimo, įtariu, kad dauguma taip pat. Todėl pristatau vieną svarbiausių Kalėdinių dovanų idėjų- kÅ«no priežiÅ«ros rinkinį vonios malonumams iÅ¡ The Organic Pharmacy linijos. Šį rinkinį sudaro trys produktai: vaido kaukė Honey and Jasmin, Cleopatra’s Bath Milk vonios pienas bei Cleopatra’s Body Scrub kÅ«no Å¡veitiklis. Visi Å¡ie produktai pagaminti naudojant tik geriausias sudėtines medžiagas, stengiantis iÅ¡saugoti kuo natÅ«ralesnes priemones, kvapus bei pojūčius. Manau kiekviena moteris pasijustų tikra deive gavusi šį rinkinį ir praleidusi bent pusvalandį atpalaiduojančioje aplinkoje.

Visos priemonės yra puikiai drėkinančios, kvepiančios ir maloniai nuteikiančios. Todėl dovana tiks ir išrankiausiam skoniui 😉 O maloniausia tai, jog įpakavimu pasirūpino biovaistinė.lt, išleidusi limituotą dovanų dėžutę, apjuostą mėlynu kaspinu. Viskas preciziškai supakuota ir paruošta prabangiam dovanojimo momentui. Šį rinkinį bei kitas dovanų idėjas galite rasti