Month: February 2018

Alberobello, Italy. OOTD.

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Oh happy days!! Sunny vs cloudy- italian weather in the middle of February. Temperature raises to +17•C and after the moment can drop to +10•C, so wearing a coat in  Italy is a must.

Alberobello city was in my bucket list- fashion bloggers really likes this place, but not only for that. Those beautiful white heritage homes takes me to completely different place, it seems like no Italy anymore. More like a Greece! Anyways, these beautiful and tidy white little houses like a small villages surrounded by churches and new buildings. But still there are some people living, some museums and souvenier shops. Love, love, love! 🧡

My look of the day is quite feminine and italian 😉 I am wearing polka dot blouse from Shein, Zara wide pants, H&M beige coat and Bershka silver boots, Reserved greyish backpack, and very cool Shein sunglasses. There are so many great polka dot items at very reasonable prices in Shein, like this blouse with open shoulders or very sexy asymmetric dress.

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Monopoli, Italy. OOTD.

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Last week I have visited one of the most beautiful Italian city- Monopoli. Most beautiful homes, sea, white surroundings, romantic boats on the sea shore, calm and peacefull place, and best pizza ever in one of the small family restaurants!

I was wearing quite matching romantic and fresh outfit: H&M beige coat was my favourite outerwear piece for the whole trip, couldn’t think of the more comfortable grey backpack from Reserved, Lindex silver grey pleated skirt and romantic blouse with the bow from Shein.

Tips on: How to look expensive ?

Wearing Karen Millen trench coat and midi wool dress, Gucci Dionysus bag, Public Desire over knee boots, Lindex sunglasses and scarf.


OK it doesn’t mean you want to bragg or something, but looking chick, stylish and a bit extra doesn’t hurt anyone. Anyways, there are some tips that makes any outfit more expensive, and it is not a bad thing!

Classic pieces as wardrobe essentials. Classic pieces doesn’t go out of fashion, always stylish, crisp and easy to wear. White classic tomboyish shirt, classy trench coat, black tuxedo suit, black stilettos or silk scarf- pieces for life and adding just some fashion items will allways look fresh!

Avoiding denim. Denim fabric was discovered for working class centuries ago, for the strongest and long wearing clothes. I can not wear denim, only if it is black ir white, but any other looks quite cheap on me. I would prefer any vlassic tailored pants, even chinos.

Ripped clothes does look cheaper. I know, I know, that is huge trend right now, but ripped clotges does look like ripped.. clothes. 😂 Anyway, wearing ripped jumper with black tailored pants and Gucci sneakers you would look fenomenal! So adding fashion trendy items to classical wardrobe is an answer.

Single-colour outfit. Wearing all outfit same colour scale would lift you wardrobe game to the next level, this look is not only trendy but fancy and never goes out of style.

Bold colours. Yes, bold colour clothes does look more expensive than printed colourful items.

Two accessories is the maximum. Try not to wear too much accessories, which is crucial! If you are wearing glasses or sunglasses, than pick only ine extra accessory near the face- earrings or neklace. Two pieces is the max!

Tailoring. Most famous style icons always have their clothes tailored and fixed to match their body. If blazer is not waisted enough don’t save on fixing the item, especially it works on coats or suits.


Care for Clothes and fabrics. Yes, there are certain fabric compositions that you should avoid if you want your clothes look more expensive, like viscose and acrylic, because of wearing marks, too wrinkly and makes unwanted ‘bubbles’. Especially choosing a winter coat, avoiding acrylic material is the main thing! Also cleaning your items in proper way is a key, if you buy expensive good quality item, do not wash it yourself! Please! 😉

Is there more? Write them in comments, what you think makes clithes look more expensive! 🧡

Fashion Must Haves for Spring 2018.

Last week I started to build my spring wardrobe, just in time for upcoming trip to Italy I bought quite many new stuff, only they haven’t arrived all yet. But anyways I was picking beiges and nudes lately as my wardrobe basis, because beiges can be combined together and never look bad, so having a few pieces can make so many great combinations, that actualy looks more expensive 😉

One of the must have for spring wardrobe- trench coat 🧡 Trench coat works perfectly for spring and summer chill days and that is the item worth investing. Classic piece, that will always be trendy and stylish, layed back and still very classy. My recomendation is one from Karen Millen, I shortly fell in love with.

Another piece to buy this spring- comfy mules. Mules are so in fashion for at least a year but I think it won’t go anywhere.

As I always like to invest in great quality accessories like belts, bags or sunglasses, I actually am planning something new this spring 🧡 Gucci Dionysus bag was great choice for my wardrobe as well, especially beautifully it goes with spring wardrobe’s colour scale.

And see through sunglasses in yellow is so in fashion! These are from Lindex, and I didn’t see something like them anywhere else. I think these are going to be my favourite this season! 🙈

Still there will be more items and of course I will show them very soon.

L’OCCITANE kvapu karalyste.

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Praėjusią savaitę teko dalyvauti viename gražiausių ir kvapniausių renginių L’occitane kvapų karalystėje! Vieta renginiui buvo pasirinkta neatsitiktinai- Sugamour Boutique Vilniuje labai tinkama prabangiems bei tokiems kvapniems renginiams 🧡

Be desertų ir gyvų gėlių, renginio akcentu buvo L’occitane kvepalai: rinkomės mėgiamas gėles, prieskonius ar jų derinius iš kvapų meniu, uostėme patikusius kvapus ir pakavome savo kvepalus gyvomis gėlėmis. O vakaro staigmena tapo rankų darbo gėlių lankeliai plaukams! Kiek smagių akimirkų ir gražiausių selfių!

O Valentino dienos proga visą šį laikotarpį L’occitane salonuose taikoma 50% nuolaida antrajam kvapui. Taigi suskubkite išsirinkti dovanų savo mylimam žmogui!

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Last week I had so much fun in L’occitane Parfume bloggers event at the most beautiful dessert place Sugamour Boutique Vilnius 🧡

L’occitane has greeted us with cute parfume miniatures and parfume menu to choose from. Not mentioning coffee and sweets! From perfume menu we were picking our favourite spices, flowers and scents. Then smelling most favourite ones and choosing gifts.

Surprises, lots of surprises we got- handmade hair bands with flowers were our favourites! Selfie time got really tough😂 But anyways, getting all this information about scents and etiquete of parfume made an event even more special. Big thanks to L’occitane team!


Garnier GoBotanic pavasarine plauku prieziura!



Šį rytą į Garnier naujienų GoBotanic brunchą atskubėjau jau pasipuošusi trečiuoju autfitu. Šį rytą spėjau sudalyvauti jau dvejose fotosesijose! Kaip sakoma, randi mylimą darbą ir niekada nebereikės dirbti.

Taigi Garnier mus pasitiko be galo gražiomis dekoracijomis ir šešiomis GoBotanic plaukų priežiūros serijomis. Labiausiai patikusi ir dėmesį prikausčiusi serija su ricinos aliejumi- be galo gerai drėkinanti plauką ir, žinoma, skatinanti plaukų augimą. O šiuo metu tai mano mėgiamiausios priemonės plaukams, norint kuo greičiau užsiauginti sveikus ir ilgus plaukus 😉

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Pavasario renginiai be galo žavi gaiviomis dekoracijomis, gausybe gėlių bei šventiška atmosfera, Garnier taip pat pasirinko sodo tematiką, norėdami atskleisti priežiūros priemonių natūralumą bei augalinę sudėtį. Svečius taip pat vaišino ne šampanu, o šviežiomis aplesinų sultimis. O dekoruoti terariumai, padovanoti burtų keliu, nukėlė į artėjančio pavasario pasiruošimą: ieškodama vietos terariumui namuose ėmiau svajoti ir apie dekoruotą gėlių kampelį. Pavasaris tikrai užkrečiamas! 🧡



Purple shades. Look of the day.


At lastly sunny days are coming back and brighter colors taking over the wardrobe. This season all kind of purple shades where on top of the fashion list, and mixing them together made me excited as never before. How can we integrate bold color into our wardrobe and don’t feel sick of it? 

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We all do have our favourite colour, right? For some of us, it is only greyscale basics that we are wearing, other ones loves nudes and beiges, but there are people who can not live without bright and bold colours. Surprisingly enough I am not the one, I would lean to basics and nudes, but what it comes to fashion photography I find it quite difficult to pull off.

I really understand those who choose to wear bright and bold colours because it is eye catching and interesting to watch. So time to time, I integrate something bold to my wardrobe as well. Funny enough, after a while my wardrobe started to look like bright and colourful, not basic anymore! 😀 So here it comes, my nudes and baby pinks mixed up and spiced up with purple pants. Lovely, I like it! Wearing all same shades doesn’t disturb my basic eye and gives a modern touch to the look.

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Wearing: Mango brown fur coat, baby pink shirt (old one, Primark), Zara purple pants, Bershka silver pointed boots, Gucci Dionysus bag, Dior So Real sunglasses, NYX cosmetics purple lipstick.

French sophisticated home.

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So Sophistication wouldn’t be sophisticated enough without french beauty products, which have been proved are one of the best quality. Durance home and body products has never failed me, I just love scented candles and bath products, also clothes washing products and bedding fragrancies. My favourite scents are Cashmere Flower and Cotton Flower.

L’occitane beauty products takes several shelves in my beauty vanity, I am so looking forward for spring/ summer novelties! I love Divine cream for my sensitive and dry skin 💛  as well as, body wash with almond oil and many more great products.