Smartwatch- the healthiest fashion trend!

Who dares to argue? Smartwatches is on the must have lists for some years now, as well as, active lifestyle is taking over our lifes. I think this is an amazing transformation and keeping up with your health and activity through the day makes a huge impact. Great impact! Be better everyday, be the best you can be!

Lately I was so into Smartwatches and Health apps on my phone, so I considered to get one for myself and be able to spot my activity and heart rate on the go! But choosing the right watch wasn’t easy.

All I wanted was a fashion piece which you won’t tell is a smart version, but this is not easy to find. Michael Kors Sophiewas my choise at first, but considering the price and not that many great funcions I leaded to some cheaper option like Garrett G26. Does cheaper means worse? 🧐

Let’s talk about Apple Smartwatches Series 3, everything could be just perfect but battery holds less than a whole day. What?! This means I nees to take it of and charge once a day?! No way!

Smartwatch for fitness addicts, I would say most sporty of all these options, Fitbit Ionic or Blaze models. These watches created for biggest sport enthusiasts, which means it motivates and coaches you on your way!


So in conclusion, there is no right answer. If you want smartwatch as a phone or one more great gadged- pick Apple or Samsung version, depending on your phone. These watches has so many great functions and apps, still can be great at fitness trackers and keep you up to date with technologies.

If your goal is fitness, sports tracker and coach on the go I would recommend Fitbit watches or bracelets, which paired with your phone can do all this great job. If you are still thinking about it, to get the activity tracker or not- get it! This watch will motivate you, get on you feet more often and be active. 🧘🏼‍♀️


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