Tips on: How to look expensive ?

Wearing Karen Millen trench coat and midi wool dress, Gucci Dionysus bag, Public Desire over knee boots, Lindex sunglasses and scarf.


OK it doesn’t mean you want to bragg or something, but looking chick, stylish and a bit extra doesn’t hurt anyone. Anyways, there are some tips that makes any outfit more expensive, and it is not a bad thing!

Classic pieces as wardrobe essentials. Classic pieces doesn’t go out of fashion, always stylish, crisp and easy to wear. White classic tomboyish shirt, classy trench coat, black tuxedo suit, black stilettos or silk scarf- pieces for life and adding just some fashion items will allways look fresh!

Avoiding denim. Denim fabric was discovered for working class centuries ago, for the strongest and long wearing clothes. I can not wear denim, only if it is black ir white, but any other looks quite cheap on me. I would prefer any vlassic tailored pants, even chinos.

Ripped clothes does look cheaper. I know, I know, that is huge trend right now, but ripped clotges does look like ripped.. clothes. 😂 Anyway, wearing ripped jumper with black tailored pants and Gucci sneakers you would look fenomenal! So adding fashion trendy items to classical wardrobe is an answer.

Single-colour outfit. Wearing all outfit same colour scale would lift you wardrobe game to the next level, this look is not only trendy but fancy and never goes out of style.

Bold colours. Yes, bold colour clothes does look more expensive than printed colourful items.

Two accessories is the maximum. Try not to wear too much accessories, which is crucial! If you are wearing glasses or sunglasses, than pick only ine extra accessory near the face- earrings or neklace. Two pieces is the max!

Tailoring. Most famous style icons always have their clothes tailored and fixed to match their body. If blazer is not waisted enough don’t save on fixing the item, especially it works on coats or suits.


Care for Clothes and fabrics. Yes, there are certain fabric compositions that you should avoid if you want your clothes look more expensive, like viscose and acrylic, because of wearing marks, too wrinkly and makes unwanted ‘bubbles’. Especially choosing a winter coat, avoiding acrylic material is the main thing! Also cleaning your items in proper way is a key, if you buy expensive good quality item, do not wash it yourself! Please! 😉

Is there more? Write them in comments, what you think makes clithes look more expensive! 🧡

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