Yellow dress. Warsaw.


Great day at Warsaw wasn’t going to end.. when I got myself into this beautiful bodycon dress. I noticed that polish ladies are not wearing very bright or colourful clothes, so you can only imagine how many people were wondering passing by. 😀 Some of them were stoping to stare what a queen is posing here 😀

Anyways, this type of dress always looks good, on anyone, especially those who have some curves 😉 that is why it is important to choose things that compliment your body and your face.


I have styled this Zara dress with some exclusive Zara high boots. I haven’t seen them anywhere until I did! And without any thinking just got it 🙂 Wasn’t really thinking that theese boots will go so perfectly with my new “baby” Louis Vuitton belt 🧡 But overall choosing items from one particular style makes life so easy! Without any thinking you can mix and match your accessories and do not need more things to buy 😉


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