Me, Myself and I.


ART? Yes!

FASHION? Yes and Yes!

TRAVEL? Yes!Yes!

Nothing can be compared to the feeling of the plane just hit the ground.. And you start to experience whole different “world”. Culture, architecture, lifestyle, fashion.. Of course, ocean and beach should be involved here, for sure!

If the magic fantasy world would exist it had to consist of fancy beach villas, calm breeze and sunny fruit cocktails. Sophisticated emerald jewellery pieces on every finger, high heels  and silk dresses… Vogue for breakfast, shopping for lunch and glass of ice cold sparkling wine before dinner.

No boredom, no commitments and no limits.

Is there anything..?

This blog is going to be all about this. For any questions I am available by email


  1. Hi Sandra, I commented on some of your Prague photo posts yesterday and I can’t get those images out of my head! They were really beautiful. Do you live in Prague?

    1. Thanks Kristen. No I live in Lithuania. I only have visited for some days, went 40km by foot looking for these amazing monuments. It is a beautiful city, I agree.

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