Things you need to invest in for Autumn 2018.

What it comes to fashion I think it is important to keep your own style as a basis in building your wardrobe and just add some fashionable and fresh must items. This is how we keep comited towhat we are and never got bored using a scent of freshness. This autumn Must pieces are:

Something tweed or pleated. Or both 🙂 Tweed fabric is on the top of the list what it comes to autumn wardrobe, it could be wholesuit, skirt or jacket, but definitely is a must. Pleated tweed print skirt from Zara.

French style pointy classic pumps in low heel. You might see them everywhere for at least a year now, but it just got serious! Low heels gives you morr feminine look and add those extra 3,5 centimetres of high. Anyways the heel itself started to look like more as a dancer’s shoe heel, with a bit of flare finish. Pearl pumps from Zara.

Don’t like that feminine touch? Vinyl trousers are for you, then. This material we remember in 90s and it comes back with completely different vibes to it. Combine this with tweed jacket or heavy knit sweater 😉

Talking about heavy knits, it is no way you can survive autumn without one. This season allows us to dress the sweater and go out without even wearing an appropriate outerwear. So cuddle up!

And for more sophisticated classic woman I recomend once and for all invest in good quality cashmere sweater. Acrylic may leave for younger generations, and it is time, yes, to make a statement here! Both sweaters are from Massimo Dutti.

One special item I was looking for and finally decided to get- is a beltbag. Belt bag is the one that is wrapped around your waist, like in newest Gucci campaign. It is strange that this fashion trend is so alive and so cool but not many options to choose from. The only belt bag I could possibly found which I like is Gucci Dionysus belt bag.

Last but not least is a star of the Autumn “show” – furs! Faux fur came up to fashion so quikly and it never looked as good as right this year! Some of the styles are so real you won’t even tell the difference. But there is no need to look for a kinda real fur coat, because it is so cool and fashionable to wear something what looks nothing but fake! Colorful, long, oversized, fluffy and cosy. You can wear it morning till night everyday, doesn’t matter if it is sunny or freezing outside, over the slip dress or chunky knits. Faux fur coats adds a right message to your look- “I don’t care what you think about me, because I don’t about you at all!” 😂 (Chanel Coco) This fluffy pink/beige coat is perfect for this!

Well, I hope you found some inspiration and ideas what you are buying for this season, and please share it! So interesting to hear what is your most loved fashion trends for Autumn 😉


Cartier La Panthere. Eau de parfum.

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Ketvirtadienio rytą Kristiana pristatė visiškai naują Cartier kvepalų seriją drąsiai, rafinuotai moteriai- tikrai prancūzei. Turbūt nėra geresnio palyginimo nei moters su kačių giminės gyvūnais, o Cartier nuo seno garsėja panteros pavidalo papuošalais bei laikrodžiais, prabanga alsuojančiomis princesių ir karališkų šeimų tiaromis. Kodėl pantera? 1914 metais Louis Cartier taip įsimylėjo piešinį “Moteris su Pantera”, kad vėliau nusprendė panteros elementą panaudoti savo prekės ženklui. Tais pačiais metais jis sukūrė legendinį ir patį pirmąjį panteros laikrodį, puoštą deimantais bei oniksais. Mr.Cartier šį akmenų derinį naudojo ir toliau perteikti panteros kailio raštui bei damoms puošti.

Pirmieji Cartier kvepalai dienos šviesą išvydo 1981-aisiais, tuo metu savo kvapus kūrė Chanel Coco bei kiti garsūs dizaineriai. Tuometinės kvepalų tendencijos buvo rytietišti, prabangūs, šleifiniai, sodrūs kvapai- kaip moters išsilaisvinimo bei stiprybės simbolis. Chanel N5 turbūt neginčijamai yra vienas populiariausių dvidešimto amžiaus pabaigos aromatų. Tuo tarpu, Cartier stengėsi sukurti kažką dar neregėto, neužuosto ir nepatirto- taip gimė pirmasis kvapas MUST. Negaliu šio kvapo neišskirti, nes tai buvo būtent tas aromatas, kurio jau geriau būtų nepristatę! Ultimate crush! Nenuostabu, kad tai buvo meilė iš pirmo įkvėpimo, nes tuometinius kvepalus tiesiog dievinu- rytietiški, sunkūs, tikroji klasika. Kitaip savęs ir neapibūdinčiau 😂

Cartier Å¡iemet iÅ¡leido tris panteros kvapus La Panthere tinkančius tiek dienai, tiek vakarui. Tai trys laukinės moterys, trys skirtingi, bet taip pat tiksliai perteikiantys panteros kailio Å¡velnumą ir grakÅ¡tumą aromatai. Gardenija suteikia Å¡iam kvapui jaunatviÅ¡ko veržlumo, o muskusas perteikia kailio ir minkÅ¡tumo pojÅ«tį. Geriau kartą užuosti, nei visą vakarą skaityti, taigi raginu įsitikinti patiems, kad panteros kailį galima sutalpinti į mažą kvepalų buteliuką 😉 Ir ne bet kokį, La Panthere kvepalų buteliukas turi vidinę skultÅ«rą primenančią deimanto briaunas ir įkunijančią panteros atvaizdą. Nebuvau mačiusi nieko panaÅ¡aus…. kai jau manei, kad tavęs niekas negali nustebinti- Å¡tai ir dizainas!

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On thursday morning Kristiana company presented Cartier La Panthere new fragrancies for strong, classy and sophisticated french woman. The first panther wrist watch was created using diamonds and onyx to recreate the panther’s fur print. Mr. Louis Cartier fell in love with this animal in early 20th century and since then panther became the best recognisible Cartier’s brand sign.

The first fragrance was created in 1981 and geniously named MUST. And it turns out, MUST is the must for me! 😍 Rich, oriental and smell that is hard to forget.

For lighter version and very interesting fragrance combination Cartier created three different type but same family parfumes La Panthere for day and night. Flower gardenia gives a young and bright scent, while musk reflects the softness of panther fur…

To make it even more special the bottle of parfume has a panther sculpture inside. When you think you saw everything- here it comes the design! 😍

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La Panthere parfume

Must de Cartier


Floral Fall look.

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I love when it’s sunny in autumn, makes this season so much more beautiful.

As I was challenging myself and all of you to make October looks more feminine, incorporate pink shades in terms to raise awareness for Pink Ribbon campaign, I came up with beautiful fall appropriate outfit. Wearing dresses, especially floral and flouncy as this one, makes us feel more confident, more feminine. And this is exactly what we need.

As striking in the streets with this bright and colourful outfit I couldn’t help but notice so many people takes a look back or keep track of me passing by. Of course, we are not used to bright colours for autumn, but why not keeping summer a little bit longer?

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Processed With Darkroom

I never thought I would wear a flower print in my life, but I just added more urban style accessories to it and overall look makes me very attracted. This dress could look very romantic, yet with a bit of edgy modern asymmetric skirt cut. Or it could look absolutely great with tomboy wide shoulders blazer and sneakers. I leave this for you to decide, which way is your favourite 😉

Today I am wearing Lindex dress , very cool Stradivarius belt, red fur coat from Mango and over the knee boots, which are on sale right know at Public Desire.  To add more sophisticated vibes I go for Dior So Real sunglasses and Coccinelle B14 black leather bag.

October- month for the woman.

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Pink Ribbon month officially started and I do not have to say much about it, I guess we all are familiar with what Pink Ribbon means. It is important to be out there and understand what other people are battling with, be present and feel compassion for the others. Anyways, most important thing is make people feel important! Especially those that you love the most.

With this light introduction of what is this month about, I am challenging myself and you, my readers, to wear pink shades threw the hole month of October, as much as possible. That could be great fashion journey, maybe you’ve never liked the shade, but you can find a lot of new ways and ideas how to make it happen, how to highlight pink colour in your looks.

So today I am wearing my black suit option over the fishnet tunic (Stradivarius), beige coat (H&M), Pink Ribbon brooch (Lindex), belt with quote “Girls Squad” which goes perfect with the theme for October (Stradivarius), mules with chain (Divo), leather bag (Coccinelle) and sunglasses (Maxmara).

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Sassy Red Fur Coat.

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Time passes so fast, and after three years of blogging I already can say- no matter what, its only fun! It is a pity, some bloggers are trying too hard, they forget why they started.. even worse, became so familiar one to the other or sell themselves. Anyways, it has to be fun and reflect your lifestyle 😉 Finding own way and style is the most important part of the blog. If I start it now, I wouldn’t change a thing! Happy to see what I become, and never went against myself. Now I can laugh at my ironical self critisism and write that without even trying to deny 😂

Even calling myself a Queen of Sophistication leaves a smile on my face.. we all pretend to be what we imagine, right? And if it makes your days more joyful.. who cares 😉

So I allowed myself to be seen in this luxurious red fur coat in the begining of October and what can I say… traffic was jammed in the streets seeing me posing like this 😂 Trust me, there were THINGS to be seen 😂😂 The only thing I was missing for my look of the day- stylish bottle of champagne! No kidding- that is the photoshoot coming up next! ❤️ My sophisticated slash sassy look with a bottle of champagne- already thinking about the titles…

Big pile of applause for the star of the show- the must Red Fur Coat from Mango (sorry, sold out already), Zara polka dot fishnet top and bodycon skirt, Publicdesire over the knee boots, KENZO wallet on chain and Maxmara sunglasses.

Daniel Wellington naujiena. Mados prieskoniai.

Mados prieskoniai pristatė Daniel Wellington naujieną- naują matinį juodą laikrodį su aukso arba sidabro detalėmis. Tomboy stiliaus klasikinis, išskirtinis laikrodžio dizainas patraukė daugelio svečių akis, didžiulis noras pasimatuoti neaplenkė ir manęs. Dėviu naująjį Daniel Wellington laikrodį su sidabrinės spalvos detalėmis.

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Tarp renginio svečių ir dalyvių sukosi daug žinomų žmonių ir įdomių asmenybių, taip pat mados ir grožio blogeriai. Mados Prieskoniai svečiams dovanojo naująsias Daniel Wellington apyrankes, kuri greitai tapo mano mėgiamiausiu aksesuaru, puikiai tiko prie mylimiausio laikrodžio.

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Po renginio dar ilgai neataušo naujienomis ir nuotraukomis pripildyti portalai, Lietuvos žvaigždės patraukė fotografų akis, o komentatoriai įnirtingai analizavo Lietuvos elito reikšmę 😂

 Ar norėčiau šio laikrodžio savo kolekcijoje? Vienareikšmiškai, taip. Tai pirmasis laikrodis Daniel Wellington kolekcijoje nusipelnęs SoSophistication riešo! Klasikinis su modernumo prieskoniu- laikrodis, kokio dar neturiu savo kolekcijoje. Labai plonas, dailus ir minimalistiškas. Puikus pasirinkimas, o nusprendusiems įsigyti Mados Prieskoniai vis dar taiko nuolaidas 😉


September’s closet- beige and chili red.

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The colder it gets the lighter colors I pick 😂 That is the tendency of my autumn wardrobe.

This month I was enjoying some really great events and night outs, when I can look smart, flirty, feminine or sophisticated. Any look consisted of my most favourite chili red and beige color combination. These colors are great for transition seasons, won’t look boring or too dark, already.

One of the most favourite trend of mine- whites and pastels for winter. Of course, if it is not that miserable like here in Lithuania… it could look so stylish and fancy 😍

Details on the sleeves play the most important role in my looks. I have ruffles, buttons, strings, embroidery happening there, sleeves can be decorated anyway its possible.

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I am loving my sophisticated and so classic pointy black high heels from Ellie Goulding collection 🖤 This pair goes perfectly with fishnet tights, black and white smart suits, or any kind of pencil skirts.

I couldn’t resist of more pearls in my life, as well, so I got beige satin sneakers decorated with pearls. These shoes looks so cosy and cute, price was just amazing- got great deal on them in Zara, and they get so good together with my new beige coat!

Next, pair of mules everyone was so excited about I got in the middle of the summer from 😂 I love that they have great designer shoe dupes- match your style, be fashionable and don’t spend millions on trendy stuff!

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So, are you ready for autumn? What about your autumn colors? Hope they are getting lighter and lighter as well, as in my wardrobe 😉