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Na štai ir padvelkė pavasariu! Artistry makiažo kolekcijoje pasirodė visiškai naujos smagios ir blizgios naujienos. Inovatyvūs lūpų blizgesiai jau buvo nustebinę mane ir anksčiau, juose įmontuota led švieselė tamsiu paros metu padėsianti lygiai pasidažyti bet kokioje situacijoje. O veidrodėlis ant blizgesio šonelio yra neatsiejama tobulo makiažo paslaptis. 

Pavasarinė naujiena- trispalvis lūpų blizgesys, galimi trys atspalviai, gana ryškūs ir sultingi. Susimaišiusios trys spalvos suteikia dar nematytų blizgesio atspalvių įvairovę. O bubble gum kvapas, manau, nepaliks abejingų 😉 Šią priemonę kaip ir kitus tris atspalvius galima įsigyti svetainėje arba iš jūsų amway konsultančių.

Dvi naujos veido blizgesio paletės iš devynių spalvų, puikiai tiksiančios kaip šešėliai ar highlighteris, tačiau smagiausia tai, kad jas galima miksuoti ir dėlioti kaip tik širdis geidžia. Rausvas ir rusvas pastelines spalvas naudoju kaip akių šešėlius- saulėje spindi natūraliu žvilgesiu. O kartu su ryškesnėmis spalvomis jas susidėlioju paletėje taip, kaip patinka ir vienu teptuko mostu išgaunu žaižaruojantį skirtingų atspalvių highlighterį. Žinoma, yra daugybė skirtingų naudojimo būdų, tačiau mėgstančioms žvilgesį lyg iš kosmoso- ši paletė tikrai patiks! 

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How to achieve the flawless skin?

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Best makeup tip someone could ever give is to invest in skincare and foundation products. Flawless skin is a priority and makes big difference in the whole look. Using high coverage products, face could look very cakey ant too heavy for daily look. So how do we achieve flawless skin?

Find your perfect foundation. It’s easy to say, heavy to do? I think there are so many different options, brands and foundation finishes, many bloggers are testing and recommending them depending on skin type. So first thing first, define your skin type and try as many different foundations as possible. You are able ask for testers of many makeup brands, especially for skincare and foundation products.

My chosen two different finish foundations are from Artistry makeup. I always choose long wearing finish and moisturising high coverage type of foundations, which I find most flattering on my dry skin. I got Artistry Exact Fit Longwearing foundation, which holds on the skin for whole day, feels quite sticky at first but setting up with loose powder makes great coverage and basis for makeup. This foundation requires some moisturiser so it works great with Artistry Youth Xtend Serum and also Beauty Blender is a must.

Use foundation applicators. Some foundations as this Artistry Exact Fit requires wet Beauty Blender for smooth application and perfect coverage. Because of its stickiness water makes foundation lighter and applies more evenly. Layering more foundations and concealers works perfect with foundation brushes which ensure better absorption into the skin.

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Concealers and setting powders are very important. As I was mentioning before, these extras are very important for flawless skin finish. Concealer is a must with lighter and more moisturising foundations, like Artistry Youth Xtend Lifting foundation, which I love especially when skin gets more dry. Concealer works great to cover up the blemishes and under eye area, while lighter foundation makes beautiful and radiant, more natural skin.

Transparent setting powder as Artistry Exact Fit works perfectly with long wearing foundation and strengthens the longevity of flawless coverage. Also it is easier to blend with loose powders as bronzers or dry contour products after setting face with transparent powder. So layering different products you achieve better results.

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Primers not for every day? Primers has some pros and cons, I know not everyone feels positive about them, but for occasional makeup I do not see anything bad to use primers even with silicons. These are not great for everyday use because it clogs the pores, but when going to a wedding- why not. Choose lighter primers or moisturisers as a base is important for daily use. Not all moisturisers you can use with any foundation, because it can slide or make a mess on the skin. So I have picked same Artistry line Youth Xtend Serum Concentrate as a basis for my foundation. It is light, soaks in really fast and works perfect with other products.

Vitamins and skin detox. OK, not only external products works for flawless skin, clear skin comes from inside, that is why clean diet and drinking lots of water is equally important. As well as vitamins, skin washing every day and avoiding sun light is  essential for flawless skin.

Do you have some more tips? Please share them with us!

Artistry Luxury skincare set.

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After Artistry Supreme LX cream collection launch I had a chance to try out some products. And it took me few times to try to fall in love deeply! Supreme LX eye cream is my current and the only face cream I am using at the moment (using not only for eyes but whole face as well) 😉

And my collection has expanded by Artistry Supreme LX face cream, which is a survival for my thirsty skin! Luxurious, rich and so moisturising face cream for any age of the skin. When it comes to prevention anti- aging, I think the sooner the better 😉 So when I got to try this set I immidiately thought, this is such a great skincare package. Even know, it is a bit pricy, but younger akin doesn’t have a too ecpensive price!

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For those ladies who likes not just a great product but also fancy packages, I can assure you, you won’t be dissapointed. Package does play a main role here- fancy, golden, light reflecting hexagon shape bottle, in the luxurious box. Great gift idea for you, gentlemens 😉

And not only the package is luxurious but the product itself- 24 karat gold, gardenia extracts, and regenerating technology makes your skin younger by fifteen years! Well it does fill up the wrinkles and decreases them, that I know for sure! First time I heard a compliment from my dermatologist, was after using eye cream for a week 😉

And definitely this set goes to my skincare favourites of the season! I wouldn’t look for better products.. I love them! And this is available at

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Maxi shirt-dress. Look of the day.

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For the sunny weekend look I have chosen my beloved Missguided maxi shirt- dress. Combined it with dark blue flare jeans, love this color combination in general- dark pink and dark blue…, and of course pointy Zara flats. Just adore how it looks, I wish I could wear it more often 😍

For accessories I have chosen really small and minimalistick Dior bracelet and Dior So Real sunglasses. I think overall this outfit has many details, so accessorising too much can just spoil the flouncy and light feeling of the dress.

For my makeup I have used Artistry cosmetics, loving this shade of lipstick and creamy feeling on the lips, it doesn’t slide- quite thick formula and it stays in place all day. Love it! ❤️