How to stay motivated for sport?

I am not a professional at the sports though, but maybe for us motivation to be active is not always achievable, right? I can tell only things that makes me as a person to be motivated even when I am very tired, exhausted or lazy.

First things first, as we all now active lifestyle is on trend, is healthy and fashionable, so I believe you might have many people in your surroundings talking about it, crazy for it and so on. Well that is the true, the more passionate people you surround yourself with more passionate you become yourself. So team goals, running buddies or active people around will help you keep motivated.

Competition. Have you ever found yourself listening to those marrathon runners like “I did 10 kilometres last saturday” and wonder if you could do 15..? 😂 Or how hard could that be?! 10 kilometers, really?! Good job, you are already competing and setting your goals, you don’t even know about it. If your yoga buddie stands on their head, you pull yourself to the max to prove you can do this, too!

New sports equipment or training pants are hands down, one of the best motivators! Usually, when I feel motivated to be active I go to stores and research newest fashion trends of training clothes and shoes. If I buy something new, I cannot wait to try them out, so this is a motivational circle, I choose to live in! 😂 New yoga pants I got from Audimas by Milana Yoga launch I was so eager to try on, never had something like this, even know, I love yogalatess, bodybalance and workouts like this. So the other day, I just ran into the gym wearing these 🙈

Have yourself a break. Do not push yourself too much, everyone knows how feeling hurt takes over feeling satisfied with workout. I was resting myself for almost two weeks after the back pain and still don’t feel ready for something huge. But my body misses great workouts already! Can’t wait!

Get some extras! Taking pills of course not on my plan, I think active lifestyle shouldn’t be evolved around scoops and pills of supplements. But small things can help to reach a wanted result a little bit quicker. I am talking about protein bars, meal replacement bars like one from BodyKey, or cocktails that would help through your journey. Even getting a smartwatch or activity tracker band can motivate you to go extra thousand steps a day. The one I like Fitbit Ionic, has even a coach that shows what excersiaes you can do to reach your goals and makes all the statistics of your activity throughout the day. Isn’t it fun?! 😍

Results. And one the most important motivator in the whole active lifestyle game is seeing a result or getting to your goal. When you put that extra weight on you wanted, pull an extra mile that was so hard in the beggining or stand on you head without holding hands, anything that was your end of the road goal pushes you even further and further. And after the time, that goal you set in the beggining grows so quickly you had never imagined.

So stay focused, get your goals and don’t forget to make yourself some celebrations! 😉 You don’t have to be perfect, but you can be the best you can!