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My interview in Fashion Magazine.

EN: I have been asked for the interview in one fashion magazine (FashionMag) and I am so proud and excited about having these kind of opportunities. Never thought the day will come 🙂

LT: Neseniai turėjau  galimybę, apie kurią tik svajojau, duoti interviu mados žurnalui (FashionMag) ir skaitydama jį po kurio laiko atrandu vėl kažką naujo. Taigi dalinuosi, tegu tai lieka vienas geriausių prisiminimų 🙂

Tell us a bit about yourself.

“I am a very creative person, full of ideas and dreams. I am a stylist, merchandiser, henna and makeup artist; I find my own style and way in any arts and I love learning new things.”

What is your pronoun?


Where do you live?

“I live in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.”

What is your nationality+ ethnicity?

“I am Lithuanian.”

What language is your mother tongue?


How old are you?

“I am 27.”

What is your current profession? (If school which school, if work what kind


“I have been working as a Visual Merchandiser in a fashion store for about ten years now. Soon I will begin studying Fashion Design in hope to continue working in the fashion industry.”

How would you describe yourself as a person?

“I am very passionate and ambitious.”

What is your favourite quote?

““In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”. Coco Chanel.”

What motivates you?

“Beautiful people motivate me, as do my followers and my friends. Especially so when I can see that I have influenced some part of their lives.”

How do you think your style is reflecting that?

“I have always dressed in a very personal way and my style is not always understood by others, but even so, I always get complimented on my appearance.”

How would you describe your style?

“The best way to describe my style is by this quote by Leonardo Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. I like my style quite simple and I prefer using details, statement pieces and structured designs. It is a contemporary minimalistic style.””

What is your motivation behind your choice to dress the way you do?

“I am very passionate about fashion design and I have always been interested in finding out how the garments were created, what the designer was thinking while creating the design etc. I love pieces that are interesting and unique. I believe that such garments are works of art that will add more charisma to the personality of the person who will come to wear them.”

Have you always dressed like this? If not what made you change?

“I have always dressed in my very own unique style. I like pieces that look sophisticated and extravagant and as far as my style goes, that’s what I go for.”

How do other people react to your style?

“I usually get feedback on what I wear, mostly positive and I can say that people really adore what I wear.”

What does fashion mean to you?

“Fashion is art that you can dress up in and express yourself with.”

What are your favourite brands?

“My favourite brands are Chanel, Balmain, Rick Owens, All Saints, Alexander Wang, Givenchy and Maison Martin Margiela.”

Where do you prefer shopping?

“I prefer to do my shopping online.”

If one wishes to begin dressing in your style, where does one begin?

“Well, I would start with basics, as in basic garments, which are essential to my style and then I would be looking for some really great extravagant pieces to add to the look. I also make sure to check Instagram and read fashion magazines to make sure that I am on the right track.”

Which is your go-to item in your wardrobe?

“Tailored outerwear.”

What are your best hair and makeup tips?

“I believe that your hair should be healthy and that your makeup should be as natural as possible. I prefer the kind of makeup styles where it looks like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all. You simply look healthy, fresh and beautiful.”

What advice do you have for the people who read this and want to have the courage to express who they are by dressing according to their own unique sense of style?

“Be yourself. No matter what others say or think, they will stop complaining only when they see your self-confidence. And self-confidence is the most important feature in any style.”

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

“Always be true to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you can’t dress the same as your favourite icon and you don’t even have to try. Be yourself. No one is you and that is your power!”
Thank you for letting us interview you!