Alberobello, Italy. OOTD.

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Oh happy days!! Sunny vs cloudy- italian weather in the middle of February. Temperature raises to +17•C and after the moment can drop to +10•C, so wearing a coat in  Italy is a must.

Alberobello city was in my bucket list- fashion bloggers really likes this place, but not only for that. Those beautiful white heritage homes takes me to completely different place, it seems like no Italy anymore. More like a Greece! Anyways, these beautiful and tidy white little houses like a small villages surrounded by churches and new buildings. But still there are some people living, some museums and souvenier shops. Love, love, love! 🧡

My look of the day is quite feminine and italian 😉 I am wearing polka dot blouse from Shein, Zara wide pants, H&M beige coat and Bershka silver boots, Reserved greyish backpack, and very cool Shein sunglasses. There are so many great polka dot items at very reasonable prices in Shein, like this blouse with open shoulders or very sexy asymmetric dress.

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Advent calendar. L’occitane.

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EN: Advent calendar is a Christmas must have gift for any beauty and skincare lover out there. The joy you wake up every morning to, unpack your gift and try it out! Lovely start of the day. Especially when it is skincare, body and hair products with a beautiful scent and french style as L’occitane en Provence.

L’occitane came out with two beauty calendars this year which contains twenty four mini or regular size products. So if you’ve ever wonder to try this brand or some products in particular, this is one of the gratest way to do so! There is a Santa’s list: 😂

• 5ml Terre de Lumière Eau de Parfum
• 7.5ml Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette
• 10ml Verbena Eau de Toilette
• 7.5ml Arlésienne Eau de Toilette
• 30ml Shea Butter Hand Cream
• 12ml Ultra Rich Lip Balm
• 4ml Divine Youth Oil
• 4ml Divine Cream
• 8ml Precious Cream
• 8ml Shea Light Comforting Face Cream
• 15ml Almond Supple Skin Oil
• 35ml Almond Shower Oil
• 20ml Almond Milk Concentrate
• 10ml Almond Delicious Hands
• 30ml Immortelle Oil Make Up Remover
• 30ml Shea Cleansing Oil
• 30ml Immortelle Essential Water
• 35ml Repairing Shampoo
• 35ml Repairing Conditioner
• 35ml Relaxing Shower Gel
• 30ml Ultra Rich Shower Cream
• 35ml Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion
• 10ml Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
• 10ml Roses et Reines Hand Cream

And this is an amazing set of all the things, I just love to have the samples and testers of those quite expensive creames I always wanted to try. And now the day has come, I will unpack each of them and try every single day in December! Can’t wait for review and introducing them daily to you. Might happen that I will include them in my favourites as well. I already have some in mind 😉 so stay tuned for that!

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LT: Kiekvienas Kalėdas neapsieiname be dovanų, o ypač norisi pasilepinti pačiai save, sutinkate? Taigi šiemet nutariau pasidovanoti sau Advento Kalendorių! Jau seniai žaviuosi prancūzišku odos ir veido priemonių L’occitane en Provence asortimentu, esu turėjusi migdolų linijos produktų bei taukmedžio sviesto linijos gaminių, ir visi jie man labai patiko!

Prancūziška elegancija, prabangus kvapas bei natūralios sudėtys greitai pavergė ir mano širdį, o švelnios odos efektas ir pasirinkimo gausa leidžia kaskart atrasti kažką naujo ir stebinančio. Taigi, mielos skaitytojos, norinčios palepinti save visą gruodžio mėnesį ar išbandyti begalę naujų produktų ir aromatų iš L’occitane- jums puikus pasiūlymas!

Prabangiame Advento kalendoriuje rasite:
Terre de Lumière parfumuotą vandenį 5 ml;
Néroli & Orchidée tualetinį vandenį 7.5 ml;
Verbenų tualetinį vandenį 10 ml;
Arlésienne tualetinį vandenį 7.5 ml;
Taukmedžių rankų kremą 30 ml;
Taukmedžių lūpų balzamą 12 ml;
Divine veido aliejų 4 ml;
Divine veido kremą 4 ml;
Šlamučių veido kremą Precious 8 ml;
Taukmedžių drėkinamąjį veido kremą 8 ml;
Migdolų kūno aliejų 15 ml;
Migdolų dušo aliejų 35 ml;
Migdolų kūno kremą 20 ml;
Migdolų rankų kremą 10 ml;
Šlamučių valomąjį veido aliejų 30 ml;
Taukmedžių prausimosi aliejų veidui 30 ml;
Šlamučių veido toniką 30 ml;
Stiprinamąjį šampūną 35 ml;
Stiprinamąjį kondicionierių 35 ml;
Atpalaiduojančią dušo želė 35 ml;
Taukmedžių dušo kremą 30 ml;
Vyšnių žiedų kūno losjoną 35 ml;
Vyšnių žiedų rankų kremą 10 ml;
Roses et Reines rankų kremą 10 ml.

O dar viena puiki naujiena- šį mėnesį vykstančios akcijos ir prekybos centrų taikomos nuolaidos leis nemažai sutaupyti. Dar galite spėti šį savaitgalį sutaupyti 20% Panoramoje šioms puikioms priemonėms! 😍 Taip pat nepražiopsokite Black Friday nuolaidų mėnesio pabaigoje- L’occitane rasite dovanų visoms draugėms bei šeimos nariams- tiek vyrams tiek moterims.

O visą gruodžio mėnesį pakuosiu šiuos stalčius ir bandysiu visus produktus kalendoriuje, todėl likite prisijungusios bei stebėkite mano Instagram paskyrą. Manau nemažai produktų atsidurs mano mėgiamiausių sąrašuose! 😉

Kalendorių galima įsigyti ir puslapyje, kaip ir visus kitus grožio produktus.

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October- month for the woman.

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Pink Ribbon month officially started and I do not have to say much about it, I guess we all are familiar with what Pink Ribbon means. It is important to be out there and understand what other people are battling with, be present and feel compassion for the others. Anyways, most important thing is make people feel important! Especially those that you love the most.

With this light introduction of what is this month about, I am challenging myself and you, my readers, to wear pink shades threw the hole month of October, as much as possible. That could be great fashion journey, maybe you’ve never liked the shade, but you can find a lot of new ways and ideas how to make it happen, how to highlight pink colour in your looks.

So today I am wearing my black suit option over the fishnet tunic (Stradivarius), beige coat (H&M), Pink Ribbon brooch (Lindex), belt with quote “Girls Squad” which goes perfect with the theme for October (Stradivarius), mules with chain (Divo), leather bag (Coccinelle) and sunglasses (Maxmara).

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Fall wardrobe trends.

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Fall season is one of the most inspiring and fashionable through the whole year. Shopping in autumn gets to completely new level!! Layering, dark bold colors, strict and contemporary styles, furs and leathers… my head is spinning for this!!

There are millions of trends coming up for fall fashion but you have to pick just few to refresh your style with some novelties. Fashion is so fast changing..

I have picked my favourite fall trends and here it comes my refreshed wardrobe!

Furs and feathers. Autumn season cannot be exposed without furs, right? This time, it is all about cosy and cute bold color fur, especially fur shoes. I think this type of shoes make such a statement on streets. I got green fur Zara flip flops.

Metallic future. Shiny and metallic surfaces makes such an impact for several seasons, now. It has this futuristic feeling, a little bit of glamorous sense and sophisticated touch. Anything that sparkles in metal- goes perfect for the season! Even if it is just your nails 😉 I got silver metallic earings from H&M as you saw in last post.

Corset style suit with pencil skirt. Well, this reminds us of 60’s or Dior famous silhuettes.. but this type of suit is a ‘must have’ in any woman’s closet, forever! Choose wisely wool blended material for keeping great quality and sustainability throughout the years.

Red from top to bottom. In spring fashion event I chose red overall outfit like a real trend setter pro 😂 Now everyone just going crazy for red outfits and red dresses. No wonder why! Red comes with applause and a little bit of jelousy- some loves it, some are affraid to wear it, but everyone has their opinion about it. So dare to wear all red this fall!

Midi dress. Bodycon, strict, flouncy, relaxed- any type of midi dress are welcome. Find your favourite and embrace it! I got several of them from Zara and Lindex.

Last but not least- good quality bag. This trend is not only for fall, but for whole life. One great classic bag is better then hundreds of averages. Invest in one, and you will always look stunning, even with the simple clothing. I am very happy with my Coccinelle choice.

Early summer look.

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Just in time for warmer weather, when you still don’t want to give up on pants but already want to wear a dress… 😂 hilarious! But yet, stylish!

As I always remind myself and to others, of course, loving this new arabian sophisticated style make me choose some unexpected styling on looks. And inspired by Victoria Beckham favourite standing on ‘too long’ flared jeans 😉 makes this combo chick and edgy at the same time.

For my type of figure, I always look good in maxi long dresses or same print items- it makes me look taller. And kimono shiluette clothing always gives this fancy casual look 😉


Spring look. April.

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Weekend get away near the sea in the begining of April. What can be better? Bachelorette party with the girls, sunny days, nature and the Baltic sea. ❤

Just got warmer and it is time to leave havy coats at home! So I was wearing silky baby pink blouse Lindex, H&M trench coat, Nike shoes, Dior So Real sunglasses, DKNY watch and matt Urban Decay lipstick in red. Simple, but still feminine 😉