H&M Studio A/W 2015.


First time I saw H&M Studio collection, my eye catcher was this leather like outerwear jacket – coat. Crazy, interesting, contemporary and of course very stylish. Recently I got to thinking you really need to like the item, and not just like it, but LOVE it. Than you won’t regret spending money on it.

I got to say, I have never regretted money spent on traveling. Ever.

Clothes, on the other hand, if I bought them spontaneously, I don’t enjoy anymore after some time. So this time 1p/m tag is very “clever” I should say. I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it, it’s like the love at first sight 🙂

Well, I can say that H&M surprised me again, and again, by doing something crazy, out of box and completely amazing! I am so excited for Balmain collection coming soon in stores. I can’t wait!







Last day of winter.

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While I was preparing here for new season of spring, it happened to snow at a last day of winter. Hope it is the last snow as well. So for this occassion I needed to pull out my big guns – and here it comes the fur.

If I could choose the perfect world for myself it would never be winter in the first place, but because the Creator of the whole World didn’t ask my opinion.. it sadly still exist 🙂 And what’s funny here, that this lovely fur would be just hanging in my closet for almost whole year till the next perfect occassion, but when you least expect it, here comes the snow. Maybe everyting does happen for the reason… 🙂

OOTD: khaki jacket H&M, blouse LINDEX Extended, black pants LINDEX, ankle boots ASOS, leather tote bag ZARA, fur MOHITO, watch MARC by MARC JACOBS, nail polish ESSIE, henna art by Myself.

2015-02-28 21.06.46

2015-02-28 21.19.13

Furry Celine Style.



What season these flip flops belong to? Have no idea: cool for summer- warm enough for winter. Furry inside, soft and stylish. Definitely, must have right now.

Wearing H&M winter yellow oversized coat, Lindex Extended top, Celine style furry flip flops.