Shopping in Dubai

Travel to Dubai. Things to know.

When you travel to Dubai there are few things that you need to know. Use TAXI– taxi in Dubai is really cheap, it is even cheaper and more comfortable than renting a car. Imagine renting a car and leaving it in the sun, after you come back inside is so hot- you can’t barely touch anything.. So when you get in taxi it is always conditioned, you won’t have problems finding anything, or even they can advice you where is the perfect beach. What comes to taxi price it is very cheap, comparing the price from Airport to Jumeirah Palm Hotel, which is totally opposite side (about 60-70km) you would pay around 100 dirhams – 25 euros (4 dirhams= 1 euro). Is there any cheaper? In Paris, for example from CDG to city center or Eiffel tower is about 80 euros!!! As well, they do not have any taxes for cars or roads and very good price level that is why you won’t see small and cheap cars in the roads. Most loved are Toyota, Nissan, Land Rovers and some american models, all huge cruiser type cars. Also if you want to drive the roads you must not forget to keep your foot on speed- there is minimum speed signs and everyone tend to drive a little bit faster then allowed. 

Even know that petrol is cheaper in Dubai than drinking water- 1.75 dirhams for 1 litre of gasoline. But SHOPPING for clothes, shoes are more expensive, when you compare prices to Europe. For example 145 dirhams for Zara blouse and 29 euros back in Lithuania. If you want to shop here I already can tell do not expect too much, items are a little bit more arabic style with a lot of embroidery, sparkles, bright colors, crystals, very long tunics, not much of sexy, open shoulders or cropped options. What it comes to high end fashion you can find here anything you have ever seen in magazines, when in Europe things sells out in seconds, here it seems no one is interested in those pieces. 

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FOOD, food, food. It is amazing to have arabian food buffet, I have enjoyed it so much. But there was hard to find these type of deals, unless you take all inclusive hotel type. Still when I had it I enjoyed it at the fullest, so many different dishes, masala, mixture of indian and arabian tastes. Amazing! 🙂 For cheaper option there are many chinese restaurants where main course price differs from 20-25 to 80 dirhams. And it is always full of people an very delicious! 

TOURS. I have got my tours in Viator App, found them in and when I bought the tickets it transferred me to this app, which i really enjoyed. there were no need to print vouchers out, only show the barcode. What I got was Red Dunes Safari  “Hop inside a comfortable 4×4 and cruise to the towering orange-red dunes of the Lahbab region”. It costs about 40 euros and they they pick you up from the hotel and drop off after 5 hours of riding, BBQ dinner, performances and arabian experience. I got to perform in two shows, OMG why they always pick me from hundreds of people in there?! 😀 My blog post.(press the link to see more)


Underwater Aquarium one of two aquariums in Dubai, pity I didn’t know they were two, maybe the other one was bigger. But still this was very great experience, especially for families. It is located in Dubai Shopping Mall, so you can shop later. Price 30 euros and my blog post.

Burj Khalifa at the top entrance ticket cost 35 euros and you will never forget this experience. One thing I missed I did’t see Palm Island, because weather is so humid you can’t see far away. My experience in blog post.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi left me with no words. I was reading a lot about this one.. but when you see it, it is unbelievable, very beautiful, magnificent. Spent whole day in Abu Dhabi is great experience itself, it is different from Dubai, looks even more sophisticated and has more heritage, well it is a capital of UAE. Dubai is the new city, built in 20 something years, so it doesn’t have much museums or even oldtown. My blog post.

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Gold, spices and leather Souks. Located in Deira part of Dubai, it is quite scary to mingle around when you are alone, everyone is offering you forbidden goods, they just following you everywhere you go, so it is better to take some guide tour for this. I did’t spent much time there, they scared the hell out of me 😀

Abu Dhabi tour. It is a must to visit this city, and see famous parts of it. Have you seen Sex and the City or Fast and Furious? Well, they were filmed in here. In Sex and the City hotel Emirates Palace you can book a cup of coffee which is the cheapest way to get to hotel area and look around. Price for cup of coffee is 300 dirhams for two people- around 75 euros, and it is served with real gold flakes on top 🙂 Yummy!

BEACHES. Everyone gets to Burj Al Arab beach as soon as they get to Dubai, but I would’t go there for suntaning, it is public beach with millions of men and when you look around there are no women, not even tourists 🙂 So I tend to go other direction to Marina Beach, next to Hilton hotel with is much safer and there are guards who do not let anyone suspicious in. But it is free public beach as well. And because Jumeirah beach park was closed under construction, taxi driver took me to other family beach Al Mamzar which was calm and also surrounded by skyscrapers. And last but not least Abu Dhabi beach with wooden boats of Arabian sea and my blog post.