YSL boutique and gallery in Marrakech.

YSL boutique. All items are made from Morrocan leather by YSL designs, I especially fell in live with those embroided blue shoes- I got familiar in the souk. This blue color is very popular in Morroco and no wonder that Yves Saint Laurent was using this indigo color in his fashion design collections. I guess he got quite inspired by Morrocan culture and heritage, invented this beautiful garden with the house, painted that house in blue color, of course. And now it became very popular tourists attraction.

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YSL Love Gallery.

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Heritage Museum.

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It is not allowed to take pictures in this museum, but it teaches people about very old traditions in Marrocan style and fashion. How people were crafting, decorating and wearing clothes, handmade home textiles and other stuff. And we use so many ideas and inspirations in fashion right now: embroideries, accessorising, carpeting, layering, patterns, etc.

I think in Morroco designers can get so many inspiring ideas for home decor, fashion design or even photography. I always wanted to visit Morroco for this inspiration, souks, camel rides, Shahrezad stories, architecture and unexpected adventures!

Sophisticated reds.

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EN: Bronzy eyes and deep plum lips. Loving all shades of red insired by this pretty red marble top.

Trying some new products as well, Loreal Infallible Sculpt contouring palette and Infallible Matte foundation. Well, if you like to look matt that is perfection!

Wearing Marc Jacobs lipstick in 210 Blow, Loreal Infallible foundation and contouring, Pupa highlighter, YSL eyeshadow palette and Manhattan eyeliner; Top from Lindex.

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LT: Jeigu yra pilki atspalviai- turi būti ir raudoni, bent jau man 🙂 Įkvėpta marmurinės palaidinės sukūriau šį pavasarinį įvaizdį.

Jau seniai norėjau išbandyti Loreal Infallible matinį pagrindą, kuris išlieka matinis iki 24 valandų. Puikus produktas, jei oda linkusi blizgėti 🙂

Produktai: Marc Jacobs lūpų dažai Blow 210, Loreal Infallible pagrindas ir kontūravimo paletė, Pupa highlighteris, Manhattan akių kontūras ir YSL šešėlių paletė. Dėviu Lindex palaidinę.

Naturally sculpted eyes.





LT: Ilgai norėjau akių šešėlių paletės, su natūraliom rudom spalvom ir radusi šią, truputėlį padvejojusi dėl kainos :), nutariau įsigyti. (Pirkau Douglas parduotuvėjė, Vilniuje). Mano akių spalva begėdiškai keičiasi nuo tamsiai rudos iki riešutų rudos ar net chaki spalvos, tačiau rudų spalvų paletė tikrai man tinkama, juolab norint sukurti naturalų akių kontūravimą.

Kartu su palete buvo paaiškinimas su pavyzdžiais kaip galima šios paletės spalvas naudoti, taigi mano mėgstamiausiais SIGNATURE 3 variantas. Naudoju dažniausiai 2-3 spalvas: tamsiausia ruda paryškinu linkį virš voko ir pratęsiu jį šiek tiek tolyn. Nors mano akių forma primena migdolą, tačiau šiaip mano akys labai plačiai atsimerkia 🙂 Taigi noredama sudaryti įspūdį ne išsprogusių akių, o pailgų, stengiuosi kontūrus šiek tiek tempti į šoną. Šviesiausią rudą spalvą tepu per visą voką. Naudoju teptuką REAL TECHNIQUES, violetinės spalvos šešėliams tepti, ir MAC N.217 spalvoms sulieti (blending). tai labai svarbus momentas, kuo stipriau pasistengsite sulieti spalvas tuo natūralesnis kontūravimas atrodys. Todėl nemėgstu persistengti su šešėlių kiekiu, vertinu kuo natūralesnį makiažą.

Akys turėtų atrodyti ne padažytos, o šešeliuotos. Taigi pereinant prie akių pravedimo, taip pat jį šiek tiek pailginu, o linijos storis priklauso nuo norimo efekto. Plonesnė linija suteikia “grakštumo” smulkumo įspūdį, storesnė linija tinka su ryškesniu makiažu.

Pavyzdyje žemiau matomas efektas natūralaus akių kontūravimo su YSL palete.


EN: So I have got new YSL eye shadow palette with warm brown colours, and there was shown some different techniques how to use 5 colours together. Mostly it is 2-3 colours that could remixed at the same time. Well, there is no need to complicate sculpting in 5 colours, I personally do not even think it is necessary.

My personal favourite technique is SIGNATURE 3, firstly because it makes my eyes prolonged, what I like the most. I am blessed to have almond shaped eyes, but I like extenuating it with eyeliner and shadows. If I use only the eyeliner it looks already good, but using together with eye shadow makes bigger impact. As well, people notice quickly that my eyes get more attractive.

How I do this? I start with the darkest brown colour in the palette and mark the deepest line over all my eye lid and I draw it a bit longer in the corner. Then I go with the lightest brown from the palette and cover all my lid. I am using REAL TECHNIQUES brushes, purple brush for eyeshadow, and I am blending both colours together with MAC blending brush N.217. So as much you spend on blending the better result. It is really quite easy. At lastly I go with eyeliner, the wide of the line depends on what effect I want, sometimes it is really tiny, and sometimes I do the “big” one 🙂

In example below you can see the effect of naturally sculpted eye with YSL eye shadow palette.




What’s new for spring?

So, I made some new season alterations in my make up closet, as well. New reds on the lips, some natural bronzy eye shadows and brightly coloured nails for spring.

Purchased YSL eyeshadows palette of natural bronzy browns which I believe could fit any type of skin and eye colours. These are perfect for everyday look, because it is not very strong pigment or shine type, it looks very sheer when applied. Sometimes for the eyeshadow base I use Bobbi Brown Blush Slopes 17 same as for cheeks when contouring. It has a little bit of shimmer as well. But thats spring, though. 🙂

What about Maxfactor nail polishes?! Carrot orange and purple with orange shimmers… wow! Really, spring feeling already here.


Well well well and there it comes my latest lip product’s swatches. It is 4 reds, which you most probably say are the same reds, but it is not. Loreal JLo’s red is very pigmented and it stays so freaking good, that if I want my lip colour last forever I will put this, most probably.

My most beloved recently is Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet N 40 which is deep cold red with some purple shade (bought that in early autumn for cold season). I love it so much, need refilling here… But as I was applying those swatches all together, I noticed that Chanel lipsticks are creamier and more moisturising. It is way most distance feeling from Loreal one.

And I am so curious right now about YSL, because I never wear that on the lips for day. I will need to try it, YSL has so many beautiful colours I would enjoy! As well I got two colours of Essie nail polish from my beautiful friend Eve, that I am so excited to try. I heard it is awesome.


Uu la la! I love those shades, so classic and looks good on every lady. Red lipstick gives this glow and feeling that you were preparing so long to go outside but the truth, you just know some secret tip to chose the right colour. 😉