zara bag

Urban Red.


In my last post I was inspired by autumn colours in the nature but this time It is all about the other side of it. Urban red.



Maybe I am crazy but red is not for everyone and it is not the look you can pull out easily. Just because you are in a public eye most of the time.

Going down the street I attract so many attention so the look that I am wearing should represent great taste, perfect colour combination and flawless finish by choosing detailed items and even great makeup.

Just because I love neutral colours in my wardrobe it isn’t that hard , I have plenty of options. I can easily look very chick by wearing my key item- black tailored jacket and add high heels for night out in the city. You never now how it is going to end up when you look Urban Chick.



Summer picnic.


This is called Fashion Picnic. It is not about the food at all, well, there is no need for the food when you have Champagne. Seriously, what could be better then that?! 🙂

It makes clear that serious fashion addicts has only one idea wherever they go- it need to look good. So I was snapped while preparing fashion “lunch” in this gorgeous garden of roses, peonies, buttercups and all the other sorts of treasures.

Outfit of the day: Lindex maxi dress; Jean Paul Gaulties denim jacket for Lindex; Mango bracelet; Marc by Marc Jacobs watch; Anna Dello Russo crocodille sunglasses for HM; Zara pointy flats. Makeup as in recents favourites here.